Good Bye Opera!

  • I don't know how many of you share my concern.

    Ever since I heard about Opera being sold out to a shady Chinese group, I've been feeling uneasy. I had been using Opera browser on a daily basis for many years (even after they switched to Chromium few years ago, which I wasn't too happy about). In the past year, I even purchased subscription to their SurfEasy VPN and PrivateBrowser USB stick. I had bookmarked hundreds of links in the browser.

    Granted, Opera is a free software, and I, as a user don't have much of a say as to how they run their business. There's something about the Chinese I don't feel comfortable about. I don't trust them with my data. Or anything else, for that matter, let alone a browser software. I would rather be snooped on by my own government than the Chinese. So, I've started removing everything related to Opera from all my systems(export bookmarks, delete account and uninstall all software). I know, they already have my data in their servers, even after I removed everything from my systems (nothing really sensitive, anyway). But I'm not going to be giving them anymore or being spied upon by them going forward.

    It's a huge disappointment that Opera software based in Oslo is now being controlled and run by Chinese. Good bye, Opera!

    Hello, Vivaldi!

  • Good bye random racist.

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