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What has happened with downloading?

  • I'm getting more and more disappointed by how all of the browsers are trying to help, but are failing oh so badly.

    When I download something large, I want to start looking at it right away if I want to. However the browsers are using a renaming convention that messes this up. Opera sort of did this, but now with the new update, it no longer just shoots itself in the foot, but blows it's entire leg off.

    Before, it would rename the file, and if that failed, oh well. Now, it attempts to rename the file and if it can't, it destroys it and attempts to download it again, which is REALLY ANNOYING! Instead of doing this renaming crap, how about marking the file somehow, like in a file that specifies the files that haven't completed downloading, or maybe create a 2nd file that states that the file hasn't completed. The latter would be like, I'm downloading xyz.mp4, so create a file xyz.mp4 which is written to and have a 2nd file named xyz.mp4.incomplete, which could be an empty file or could have information in it like file size to expect, and when the file has completed downloading, then delete the .incomplete file. In this way, you don't mess up the original file, and a user can determine if the file has completed by looking at the file list by sorting by filename.

    If things don't start shaping up, I'm going to have to gasp go to IE. I've already had to leave FF for this reason. 😠

  • Nobody else has noticed this?

    What is the purpose of deleting the file and restarting just because it is in use?