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Opera won't load any sites until I open another browser + Taskbar in front of full screen mode

  • With the offline installer for v38.0.2213.0?

    Could be the online installer too. Or an offline installer for latest stable build.
    The most important is to check if Opera works with profile folder in a place other than the default one.

    Tried both; problem still occurs. Out of curiosity, I downloaded a similar browser (Vivaldi) and I have been getting the same issue. This does not happen with Firefox, IE, or Edge. As they have the same background engine, I'm wondering if there is something there that is causing that difference. Having uninstalled and reinstalled as often as I have at this point, I have also noticed that it primarily occurs after the computer is restarted or has been shut off; as previously mentioned, however, other browsers do not experience the same issue.

  • Perhaps there's something in Kaspersky that's not inherently opening connections from Opera or Vivaldi, but which lets them 'sneak' through if another 'acceptable' browser has cleared the way? Is there some form of white-listing in Kaspersky that was done for your other browsers but not for Opera or Vivaldi? The "network change was detected" message almost sounds like an AV's proxy inserting itself between those 2 failing browsers and the outside world, either incorrectly or by intentionally blocking traffic from the 2 browsers as a matter of course.

  • Sorry for late response - I thought there might be an issue with Kaspersky, as well, but I use the regular Antivirus (not the Internet Security suite), so there is no firewall for me to allow Opera through, and I cannot locate any other settings within the software that would let me tweak those settings. I've tried disabling Kaspersky to see if that helps, but the issue still occurs, which makes me think perhaps it is something in Windows? I've allowed Opera through security in Windows firewall, but it still happens. I can't find anything online so I'm at a loss on this one - still taking over 10 minutes to talk to the network while I surf on Edge/Firefox.

  • IMHO, I would suggest to deactivate the Opera build-in ad blocker and try again

  • I am experiencing the same issue as explained by the original poster. It has been now two weeks. Toggling opera turbo helps most of the time. But it is a constant nuisance. Really thinking of moving away at this point.

  • Don't use Opera Turbo if its causing problems.

  • I'm still having problems - disabling built-in ad blocker is not helping. I have no idea why this is happening and it's driving me crazy! I love this browser and don't want to quit, but I have to wait 5-10 minutes before start up to use the browser and that is a major drawback. Cannot find anything related to my antivirus that could be causing this.

  • I am experiencing the same issue as explained by the original poster. It has been now two weeks. Toggling opera turbo helps most of the time. But it is a constant nuisance. Really thinking of moving away at this point.

    What kind of antivirus/setup do you have? I'm wondering if we have something similar that could be triggering this that we could use to narrow down what the problem may be.

  • I'm still having problems - disabling built-in ad blocker is not helping. ... I have to wait 5-10 minutes before start up to use the browser ... Cannot find anything related to my antivirus that could be causing this.

    In your initial comment, you stated that upon opening another browser, the problem with Opera 'magically' clears. In a comment you made on May 8, you said the same problem occurs with Vivaldi as with Opera on your system; as you noted, those are both chromium/Blink-based browsers, whereas the 3 problem-free browsers you listed are not. You also indicated the problem mainly occurs after a computer restart or shut down. Finally, you described not wanting to wait 5-10 minutes before starting up the browser to be able to use it properly (which implies that with a sufficient time delay, things eventually do get sorted out in the system).

    I've not encountered anything before quite like what you're running into. Given that most Win10 users of Opera aren't reporting the problem, it's most unlikely that it's an inherent Win10 issue or an inherent Opera coding flaw. Given that it also occurs with another chromium-based browser (Vivaldi), it's obviously not just an Opera problem. That leaves your system itself and/or your software suite as candidates. Given that the problem primarily occurs surrounding a browser and/or system restart during an early (5-10 minute) interval thereafter, it appears related to chromium-based browsers on your system not being able to initiate a successful connection to your computer's network port.

    For Opera (or any browser) to properly access websites right after it's started up, the Windows network interface code module(s) between the browser and your Internet connection port must be properly triggered by the browser, connect with your computer's network chipset, complete all related actions, and then acknowledge that to the browser. All that you've described seems as if there's something blocking/delaying that full connection process from occurring on your system when a chromium/Blink-based browser has just been initially started up, especially right after a system restart. Use of a non-chromium browser seems to correctly 'jog' the appropriate Windows module(s) and the network chipset to properly do their thing immediately, making them also then available for Opera or at least notifying Opera of their availability.

    Obviously, anything that sits between Opera's code and the computer's network port can interfere with any part of all that has to occur. If Opera (or any chromium browser) isn't appropriately registering itself with Windows upon its installation, that can certainly prevent the timely activation of a network connection. Likewise, other elements in the registry can improperly interfere with proper usage of Opera's registration entries by Windows and impede Opera from establishing an initial network connection. However, once a network connection has been successfully triggered by some other browser (or by Windows itself via its startup telemetry handshaking back to the Microsoft mother ship, after a time), Opera may then be free to immediately jump on the now-established connection. Because chromium/Blink browsers utilize multiple processes, their registry entries will be somewhat different from other browsers, so flaws or various other entries may affect or interfere with them differently from other browsers.

    I realize this doesn't solve anything, but I offer it simply to provide some thoughts about the processes involved and where things may be going off the rails.

  • I'm also having this problem. I have tried Opera, Chrome and Vivaldi, neither works. Internet Explorer and Firefox work fine. So, this seems to be a blink-related problem. Have you found any solution, blooddiamondkim? Only changes to the system prior to this issue were installing Libre Office 5.2, Mp3tag and Gimp. I'm running Windows 7.

  • I am also having this problem and I have tried the solutions on here but I still dont have a fix can anyone suggest anything else?

  • same problem here. I have been with opera for about 10 years and seriously thinking of moving to a different browser the issue is so annoying.

  • I Was just having a similar issue after updating my Opera browser and certain websites would not load the right way or just "normal". Long story short...i right clicked on the background of the webpage that did NOT load properly and selected inspect element from the menu that shows up and then clicked on Network and then checked Disable cache and then did a reload of the website i was having trouble viewing and the website reloaded appearing "normal". I then unchecked Disable cache and reloaded the website again...and it reloaded looking "normal". So i guesss i got lucky. I hope this approach may help some of you with similar issues. GOOD LUCK! :devil:

  • @Heyheyme

    Does that workaround fixed other websites network?
    It's an inconvenient to have to do this for every website.

    For those with the problem:

    If the workaround not solves the problem try:

    Opera Portable at and check what happens.

    BTW have a look on Proxy Settings, OMenu > Settings > Browser > Network > Proxy Settings

    As weird as the problem.

  • @Heyheyme
    Does that workaround fixed other websites network?

    It did. So far i had only two different websites not loading up right or not loading "normal" and i used the workaround i described twice. Once for each website. Weird it is.

  • go to settings and turn off VPN...

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