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Version 12.16 on OSX Mavericks just plain buggy??

  • I think i have been using Opera since about version 8 and as my main browser since v9.5, back then i was running it under windows and since moving to Mac everything had generally been fine.

    Unfortunately over time the browser has just slowly been getting more and more buggy to the point that if there is no update soon, I'll be dropping it.

    I must admit i do use computers extensively in work but at home i just use them for general use (web browsing and media).

    I'm just currently browsing for hotels in new york, and opera has crashed on several sites now including, late rooms and BA. Scrolling on most pages has just become painful, so slow and twitchy to the point you have to pause and wait for the browser to catch up before it crashes.

    Other sites i have browsed in the last few weeks that have just been more and more notably unusable would be the fantasy premier league league site,,, student loans, and a few compassion sites (go compare, confused).

    All of which either eventually crash the browser if you don't let it catch up, have really poor scrolling or just don't render correctly. Ive also had problems with memory just being consumed by it and it using up far more CPU power than it otherwise should. I have Opera, Chrome and FF open at the moment and it only states that Opera is using significantly more energy In the battery management, each browser has one tab open.

    One major bug that has been in Opera, i think since Lion is the constant switch back to desktop when viewing the widgets screen.
    Eg: you swipe to the left to view the desktop widgets screen, i use the calculator and then very randomly Opera takes focus for absolutely no reason. This does not happen with any other application, only opera and it is really really really really annoying.

    I have tried all the sites i have mentioned in the above in FF, and Chrome and they always tend to perform as expected, certainly a leap beyond the current state that Opera renders them in.

    I guess what i would like to know is:
    Are opera aware of any issues affecting the performance mentioned above, if so when will they be fixed ?
    Are there any other users that have been similar issues and have they resolved them, or still experiencing them ?

    Sorry for the long post guys, looking forward to your replies.

  • well ok i'm totally p*ssed so opera is essentially no more ? cause what i am looking at now is google chrome with the google bit crossed out and opera written on top of it.

    Version 12.16 said it was up to date, but going to the main opera website, there was version 20 to download...

    Soo.... Anyway...

    This sucks.

    Will be off looking for something else...

    I mean ffs even the damn pref screens are the friggin same...

    If i wanted to use chrome i would get chrome.

    Idk if version 12 has just been getting updates that have essentially crippled it.... Either way it's all very poor and shady.

  • well ok i'm totally p*ssed so opera is essentially no more ? cause what i am looking at now is google chrome with the google bit crossed out and opera written on top of it.
    This is not true. Check my reply in that topic:

  • Opera 12 is no longer supported so you may experience some problems with it.
    Please install the latest version of Opera