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Why Does Opera Block Me from Some Websites??!!!!

  • Opera is blocking me from some websites, which does not make sense. I went to 'Preferences' > 'Block Content' to see if the websites have been blocked. But theres are no websites listed that are blocked. How can I stop Opera from blocking any sites?

  • What exactly does Opera say? Which version? Do other browsers show those pages?

  • Also, please provide a couple of sample URLs that give you the problem...

  • Some websites now block Opera Presto versions (usually with "access denied" messages) but they will work fine if the site preferences are set to identify Opera as another browser, e. g. Firefox.

  • From what you say, it looks like the authors of those websites do not want Opera Presto to render their pages at all...

  • From what you say, it looks like the authors of those websites do not want Opera Presto to render their pages at all...

    It's usually the uncertainty of how a browser will render a website's pages that drives things. The site coders simply don't want the bother of responding to viewer complaints if the viewers can't get parts of the pages to render or work successfully, so the coders block browsers that they haven't tested to work right - it's cheaper than actually testing all the browsers out there (and for every version that emerges of each) or writing compliant code modules for all those browsers. They can block simply by testing the browser ID in the user agent string, and block all except brands A, B, and C (which they may actually test for proper rendering of their pages).

    It's been going on for years in one form or another with Opera, but now it's picking up speed since the word is out that Opera is no longer updating the Presto family. It will only get worse, and it's part of the death-spiral of Opera Presto which will continue to unfold for most Presto users. It will ultimately end with Presto browsers being only a curiosity piece, much like Mosaic or old Netscape... and we've all known, after the Opera Blink announcement, that this time would be arriving.

  • the other comments are likely correct, but ...

    presto opera had/has(?) integrated phishing protection. if you are being redirected to a phish site (unknowingly), this might happen. but i'm not sure if that protection is still activated in presto (it likely required agreements with netcraft etc and updating/maintenance which has likely stopped). you can always check with dr web extension (you can manually scan links before you go to them), or with another browser with netcraft extension, or at a phishing detection website (they have url lookups).

  • In Opera 12.14, I still get the usual site security message from Netcraft/Phishtank when I check the left-hand "globe" icon in the address bar (with Fraud/Malware Protection enabled). I think the protection will continue at least until Opera "officially" ceases "support" of 12.16... or at least, it seems like that's part of "supporting" the product and its features.