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Throughly Pissed with Opera for Android 18

  • So, I get a notice of an update today for Opera. I Only had Mobile Classic installed upon my tablet, so it did not click with me that this was the "Other version" that I hated being upgraded (really more of a downgrade) to once before. Below is the review I gave upon seeing the bad news that I was "Upgraded" again.

    Read if you care to.. I have more complaints about what it Cannot do following this.

    I wish I could give a zero, or a negative rating.
    What the Hell did you think you were doing!!! I DID NOT give you permission to uninstall Mobile Classic. Much less export everything from that browser to this one. Now all I had done with it is lost. Mobile Classic is by far the superior browser. The speed and stability of it is so much better
    (than Google or Firefox)*. Its only drawback being its finicky nature when syncing with my computer. (Google and Firefox do this much better.)

    Your speed dial is great on Mobile Classic. Here, on this version of Opera, it is just a mess when you mix bookmarks with quick dial.

    Okay so what did Opera for Android have going for it in the past? Full Screen and some customization of the layout. The system of tabs on this version is HORRENDOUS! It gobbles up waaaaay too much valuable screen space with everything always on top and visible. Go Back to how it was on Mobile Classic for this. You had a browser that stood out as great and unique in what it was, and could do. Now its just another Firefox/Google knockoff. I'm imploring of you to make it possible to import things back into Mobile Classic. Do this and you not only keep me as a user, but untold numbers of others.*

    Slightly edited from the original post, as I had limited space there.

    Upon exploring O for A 18 I have discovered a few things that further make me hate this version of Opera, and long for finding a way to get everything back over to Mobile Classic.

    While I am sure I will find more things that this Opera browser Cannot Do here I are Seven of the most annoying things I found so far (beyond what is listed above):

    Constant, nagging, pop up reminder, upon starting the app, asking for me to rate the program, and reminding me that Opera Mobile Classic is available for download if I don't like this app. -- Rather pointless as ALL my data, links, bookmarks, saved pages, have been transfered to this browser, and there is no way to revert that.

    **Slow... slow... slow... **Mobile Classic was so much faster than this at start up.

    On top of that. **It crashes/locks up **waaaaay too often for my liking. Surely others will find this to be a problem too.

    No way to save a link for pages to the desktop. Mobile Classic allowed me to save bookmarks to the desktop for quick access of pages. But Nope. Can't do that with O for A 18.

    Saved pages don't work! In Mobile Classic I could save pages with no issue. In fact those save pages transfered over just fine. But when trying to save pages in O for A 18 I find that they never work. I can click on the link in the Saved Pages quick link and I get a notice (with and image of a sad cat) of "Oops! something went wrong"..... etc. Excuse me? Opera messed up.. Not the page.. Not me.

    I can add to that. When I get that "Oops!" page on of the suggestions is to reload the page... Ummm, How is someone going to be able to reload a page, when There is No reload button anywhere within the browser!. How can you suggest I do something when the suggestion is obviously impossible to do!

    And finally.. the most annoying thing (to me) that I have found wrong with Opera for Android 18. Lack of support for files on my device.. For laughs I often share articles, and images, I have found online, amongst friends. What is cool about Opera Mobile Classic is that I could pull saved HTML, and JPG, files right off my Micro SD card and show them within the browser. But with this new Opera. Nope... I get a notice that access to the file was denied. Hmmm? What? By who? Not me. Could I work around this annoying development? Of course.... If Saved pages worked. But as it is, I am screwed all the way around by a browser pretending to be something it isn't.

    Anyone experience any of this, or have any suggestions/solutions?

  • Did you have Opera Classic or the Opera Mobile version that Opera Classic is the same as (version 12.x)? I had both, along with the latest beta (Opera 16, I believe) on my phone. The newer versions of Opera would not overwrite Opera Classic, but they will overwrite Opera Mobile 12 and lower. It might not be much of a solution, but you can install Opera Classic and set everything up again.

    Opera 18 does have a reload/refresh button, at the far right end of the address bar. It's an X while the page is loading.

  • I don't know how you load your local files, but they open just fine if I long-press them in FX file explorer and select opera.
    I tested with files on my phone, and on my micro SD.

    and I don't think I've ever seen that rate popup, at least not more than once.

    as for getting back to opera mobile classic:
    try "updating" opera 18 with this:
    as long as you haven't messed too much with the opera 18 settings and speed dial it should work fine.
    then activate opera link to backup all your bookmarks to an online account.
    after that install opera mobile classic from the play store, and login to link to get all your bookmarks back without having to worry about updates.
    after that you can decide for yourself if you want to update to 18 to test future updates, or delete 12.00 and stay with classic permanently.