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Link from e-mail - opens a new Opera-browser

  • Good morning,
    Since I use Opera 36 I have the following problem.
    Tapping on a link in my mail account, Opera opens in a new Opera browser.
    Before Opera 36, Opera opens with a new tab.
    Why is this and how do I change it back from a new Opera to a new tab.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Do you mean a link in an email in a webmail or in the Opera Mail standalone email client?

  • Example:
    In an email, I receive a link to open a website on internet
    Until now Opera opend a tab in my browser. Great, that's what I want.
    As from Opera 36.0, when I do the same action, Opera opens a new browser.

    At least in my perception it is since Opera 36.0

    Opening a new browser, I mean that I get twice the red O in my toolbar.


  • It seems that so far, you always avoided using multiple windows, right?

    Many programs can have multiple windows.
    For example, if you open several text docs in your office suite, it'll be that several windows of that same suite.
    Same - Windows explorer (file system - folders and such).
    Browsers is not an exception.
    Check some "browse" settings there: where to open such and such, etc.

  • Opera 12 forced everything into a new tab. Chromium-based browsers like Opera 36 allow links that are explicitly targeted for a new window to still be opened in a new window.

    Holding down CTRL when you left-click the link might force some links into a new tab. Might not work with links in flash objects though.

    You also might want to try this extension:

    You'll need this extension first to be able to install Chrome extensions in Opera.