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Cannot connect to GCE (Google Compute Engine) servers with Opera Mini

  • Hello guys,
    we are hosting some websites on both GCE (Google Compute Engine) and Amazon EC2.

    We are able to browse our websites hosted on Amazon from Opera Mini, but we are unable to connect to our websites hosted on GCE, no matter if it is HTTP/HTTPS, even if it is a small HTML file, the connection tends to "TIME OUT" all the time.

    Some other facts:

    1. There is no access record in webserver logs.
    2. This is happening on Opera Mini Android and Windows Phone, therefore pointing towards the network layer.
    3. When tracking network communication (using tcptrack) an IP address "SIMILAR" to those I've found in Opera Mini Proxy list is trying to communicate with our web server - State: ESTABLISHED, but website is not served anyway.

    Please help, if you have any idea. If you need any more info, I will try to provide it asap.

    Thank You.

  • What country are you connecting from? Can you give an URL which times out? If you don't want to provide this info here, please report a bug via and post a bug ID here.

  • Hello, I am connecting from Slovakia. One of the URLs, that fails is - our GCE server - just a test server, where I installed simple webserver with one sample HTML file.

    The thing is, I've been able to connect from my wifi at home. But the time outs persist for my connection from work and mobile carrier (3G, 3.5g, etc.). Both are strong enough.

  • I get a timeout when connecting with HTTPS, but it's happening also for desktop. I can load the page via Opera Mini servers without any problems with HTTP, so please make sure you had no https in front of the URL. Please keep in mind, that in order to check that, you need to activate the address bar, as usually http:// and https:// is hidden.
    If it's not your problem, please report a bug via

  • This is a test server I deployed specially for this occassion, so there is no HTTPS. We are using HTTPS on other servers I do not want to post here and it is redundant anyway, since the issues persist for both HTTP/HTTPS on all our GCE servers, when I try to connect to them from certain networks. Anyway, I will carry on a in bug report. Thank you.

  • Hello,

    I have written a bug report, but it was probably prematurely closed stating, that the server is not accessible at all. Now, this is true, I deployed a test server just for this purpose and at the time your team tested it, the host was shut down.

    But, the issue STILL persists for us (on multiple devices - Android, Windows Phone using Opera Mini). We are developing web services using Google Compute Engine and for all of them we have the same problem - we cannot load the page with Opera Mini. It is working perfectly for ALL other browsers.

    It may have something to do with the network communication of a Client->Opera Servers->Google Compute Engine server(NAT). I have made some investigation and have found out following details:

    1, It happens only with Opera Mini.

    2, It happens only when connecting to Google Cloud hosted web services. For Amazon-hosted it works fine.

    3, The logs on webserver hosted on Google Cloud Engine show no access from your servers, but connection is ESTABLISHED according to "tcptrack".

    4, This issues is not replicable on all networks (for example the website times out, when I connect from mobile carrier internet or WiFi in office, but it was successful using my connection at home).

    Please, can you look at the issue again? I will provide any other details if needed. It is essential for us, that our web services are accessible also via Opera Mini.

  • Your issue was not closed fortunately and I can reproduce this from the server you were connected to. It looks like a routing problem or some of our IPs are blacklisted on Google's side for some reason, but at the moment the cause of this is unknown. We will let you know when we discover what's happening.

  • Oh, sorry for my premature words. Thank You very much and good luck.