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How to save M2 index.ini without messing ( session file )

  • Hello ,

    I frequently add or update ' labels ' in M2.

    I only know I can save the ' whole session ' in order to save those ' labels ' .

    Is there any other alternative ways I can 'save all labels changes' without touching /modifying the session ?

    I have my session saved since 2 years & with all those tabs I use regularly. I do not want to change this 'session' because of save my labels changes. ( my opera set to 'start up from last time' )

    Hope you know what I mean..............

    If I can save my labels anytime I wish , but my won't get affect .... ?

    Thank you very much.

  • So, you have a whole bunch of label views opened in new tabs and you keep them open when you close Opera so they're all opened again when you start Opera?

    Or, the same, but you have Opera set to load a saved session?

    Then, you want to open another label view in a new tab and have that saved to your saved session so that new tab also opens when you start Opera/load the saved session?

    But you don't want to modify your saved session file ( or

    If so, that doesn't make sense. You'd want the saved session file to be modified to be updated. Otherwise, your changes wouldn't be stored for the next start-up.

    If you're talking about creating new labels in the mail panel or modifying existing labels, you'd do that, open/reopen those views in tabs and update the session file.

  • Hi burnout426 , it's been a while not see you. ( Thanks for the time........ )

    I do not open all my bunch of labels in my daily Opera.

    Each time I open Opear is from last status ( I set it open from last time )

    In my knowledge in Opera v.11.xx. I can only save my labels ( to any change I made to my labels ) ===> by saving the sessions.

    Is this correct ?

    This was my original question:

    I want to save my label changes

    I do not want my sessions get overwrite. ( which holds all my tabs I builded 2 years ago the )

    I found I cannot save my label changes unless I ' save window session'.

    I know there is index.ini & but index.ini won't update / saved unless I saved session ( save window session )

    I want the index.ini file ( as I need to transfer & use it in my other laptop's Opera )

    Thank you very much.

    I am frequently updating all my labels.

  • Thanks for the clarification. index.ini should get updated whenever you create/delete/edit a label. If it doesn't right away, it should at Opera shutdown for sure. It shouldn't have anything to do with the Opera session file.

    I found I cannot save my label changes unless I ' save window session'.

    Hmm, not sure why. Is index.ini set to read only? Are you running into the index.ini index limit in that version of Opera (was it 5000 or 50,000? I forget)? If so, maybe somehow saving the window session works around it.

  • Do you have suggestion if I'm to 'SYNC ACROSS' this index.ini among my 3 other laptops ?

    If a symbolic link can do the job ? Hark link or ....... ?

    I feel I cannot just drag this 'index.ini' away from the mail folder and put it in Google drive to let them sync.

    Index.ini seems need to live in mail folder.

    So I cannot put the whole mail folder to the google drive as the mail data base is rather large.

    What would you suggest in order to have all my different laptops able to SYNC all my labels ?

    Thank you very much.

  • Different mail folders and contacts.adr cannot *properly* share an index.ini because the indexers, lexicon and databases will be different. If you always properly synced all of them (including autofilter folder), you might be able to pull it off.

    But, you'd have to make sure that nothing (including you) touches index.ini or any of those files while Opera is running. That also means that more than one Opera can't access them at the same time.

    So, you'd always have to, close Opera, sync the files to the server/storage, load up the other computer, sync things back to that computer, start Opera, do stuff, close Opera, sync things back to the server/storage and repeat.

    Basically, you'd have to put the mail folder and contacts.adr on a drive (network drive for example) that all 3 laptops can access (where each Opera is configured to use those paths for those files/folders) where you never start Opera if another Opera is using the files and you never start Opera if the drive and files are not available.

    That's really the only safe way to do it as things (like index.ini) will get messed up otherwise.

  • Thanks !!

    I still can't figure it out to the ' index.ini ' as there is infact no custom path in oper:config you can take control.

    I.e. You cannot put ' index.ini ' on desktop and in opera:config to customise Opera point to desktop target to this file.

    Otherwise, I could have put index.ini in Google drive and point all my laptops to this location.

    Thank you very much.