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Opera Mini for Java POSTing Issue

  • I am having an issue with POSTing from Opera Mini for Java. I don't believe it's with my copy on my phone, but with the Opera Javascript execution server. I have reinstalled the product twice, and am still having this issue. When I fill out a form on a web page and click to submit, the page refreshes, but it does not post the data. It just refreshes the form that I was on, clearing the data in the form in the process.

    For example, at, I type in the e-mail address and click Check It, the original page, with a blank e-mail address line is returned by Opera.

    Is there anything I can do to correct this problem?

  • Opera Mini version ?.

  • Opera Mini for Java version 7.1
    Build 32251

    I think that's the latest available on GetJar.

    Mini Server

    This is the data from the about: command. If you need anymore info, let me know.

    Thanks for any guidance.

  • There is a version 8 for Java phones that has just been released within the last week or so.

    Visit on your phone to download and try it out if you want.

    Not saying it will sort your problem out, but you never know.

  • Actually, this didn't help at all, the new version cannot post to most sites, especially to those that don't have a special mobile version of its site, such as Mailinator. Opera just refreshes the home page a couple of times, and doesn't let you get into the site to review a temporary Inbox (the purpose of the Mailinator site).

    Not only that, the new version is worse (I may have to go back or uninstall if it's just not going to work)...I've lost the Start Page (in the Home tab) whenever I load the browser. It just sits there with the following error, and reloading doesn't help:

    Your content is not currently available. Please try to refresh the page.

    Does anyone have any help for either issue, or is Opera just dead in the water now?

  • In this case posting doesn't trigger page refresh and it's more like page js execution which was interrupted or it has a timeout. Try to copy the recipient before posting and second time shouldn't fail. At times this problem occur in opera forums also and usually I can repost finding a copy in previous page - interesting that fire action is needed to reload the page with edited forms rather than simple copy/paste with 'done' button (in smartphones, that doesn't reload the page) where sometimes body is required especially after a certain period of time - apparently on is other way around. Perhaps that's a generic issue for j2me devices where 'done' may have the same function as 'paste'.

  • I also have exactly the problem the page just refreshes

  • This new version is really worse. I've the same problem and some other annoying bugs as well.

  • Javascript is improved in opera mini server status 4.34.1697. From ages I can't see the 'submit results' button on ,now it works with javascript refresh or just reload as refresh.