Unable to download anything.

  • I am an avid opera user. I have been on the windows side for about 3 months now. When i reboot in to mac, i find Opera simply wont download anything, it loads for a while and just shows a blank dark grey (almost black) viewport.

    I have tried ditching everything in preferences and Application Support to no avail. Similar browsers, Chrome, Vivaldi, FF and even Safari seem to be ok.

    Any thoughts on what i should try next?

  • I would think that it is the best way for you to delete the Opera app and re install it so that it will clear up the mess. IF you are looking for a download video downloader on Opera's extensions. Then it is at: https://addons.opera.com/en/search/?query=download+video&type=extensions

    Off subject, I use the CleanMyMac app to clean it up.

    Make sure that your OSX (App Store/Updates) is updated first and then update for all browsers that you have on your computer (or iMac).

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