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  • I noticed this evening the Home button is suddenly missing from my toolbar. Where did it go? It may seem a small thing, but it isn't to me. I use it all the time!! It's all configured exactly the way I want with the sites I use most frequently. I know I can get to it if I close the driver, but that is a PIA, especially when I have several tabs open and/or pinned. If I wanted the home page, just click the home button. I can't find anything anywhere that lets me select it as an option. Was a new version downloaded without my knowledge? Why was this done without my knowledge or permission, if that is in fact the case. It annoys me that something I used all the time was unilaterally taken away!! This is the heavy handed type of nonsense I expect from IE (or whatever MS calls it these days) or Google, not Opera, which is otherwise the best browser I've ever used!

  • Uhhhm, something isn't making sense. Perhaps your wording or terminolgy is unclear? A built-in 'home' button has been missing in Opera versions for nearly 3 years now, unless a user has intentionally installed a homepage extension or set aside a particular bookmark as a pseudo-homepage. Moreover, a formal 'toolbar' has also been missing from Opera versions for that same length of time. The last Opera version that had a native homepage button and toolbar was Opera 12.1x, which was recently security-updated to 12.18. The current version of Opera is 36, and the button and toolbar have been missing since version 15.

    What Opera version are you using right now? (Help > About)

  • There's no Home button, there's the Speed Dial button, which may serve as a substitute.