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Delay page load until page is complete

  • When I launch Opera browser my start-page loades in chunks with ads that are blocked by adblocker (ABP) add-on so the ads display for some time before they all get blocked (clear) once the page is completely loaded.

    Is there a way to have Opera render the start-page after it is completely loaded (so that the ads are blocked) to avoid the start-page displaying all the ads for awhile until the page is completely loaded?

    Or is there a way to block the ads during or before the page is loaded so the ads do not display before the page is completely loaded?

    I would need to either render the page after the page is all loaded (delay the page rendering) or block ads while the page is rendered or load the page quicker to avoid the ads getting displayed or somehow save the last start-page, load it and then don't render the new start-page until completely loaded.

    Just to mention, in Firefox and Palemoon the page is loaded all at once (not in chunks) and all ads never display at all.


  • What is your start page?


  • That still exists? Wow. Well, I went to the page and it loaded up quickly and without problems. You mentioned blocking ads; which adblocker are you using? Also, what are your system specs? It might be that your system is a little too elderly to be running a modern browser and it might behoove you to switch to someone more lightweight or an older release.

  • Thanks for your help I'm grateful to have it since I'm not getting any help from anyone else.

    If you do not have an Excite account with start-page configured (mine has 16 pages) then it will load instantly of course. As to rending the web page quickly, as I posted to both Firefox and Pale Moon load quickly and completely with all ads blocked as opposed to loading the pages in chunks and not blocking ads until the page is completely loaded as is the case with Opera (and Chrome see comments below).

    It's important to note that this same issue occurs with Chrome as well and since both Chrome and Opera use the same browser engine (I think it is Blink now) I'm inclined to think that this issue is related to the specific browsers (note that Firefox uses the Gecko engine and Pale Moon uses the Goanna engine which is an independent Gecko fork). So because FF and PM use browser engines that work differently and far better than Chrome or Opera as far as loading pages (I can assure you Pale Moon is by far the quickest with FF trailing and the other two browsers far behind as far as rendering pages quickly).

    It's also worth noting that of course Opera (and Chrome for that matter) will load quicker with less sluggish behavior and the ads will get blocked reasonably quickly if I've recently used the browser which is of course because the start-page has been recently cached and is readily available. It's only when I haven't used either Opera or Chrome is when I get this really sluggishly poor page rendering and of course this is because the start-page does not reside in cache in this case.

    As to the adblockers used, I use the same (or equivalent since PM uses ABL instead of ABP but the functions are all identical) adblockers on all four browsers with the same settings in each browser, so again it comes back to the browser engine difference in my mind.

    What I'm wondering about is if there is a way to do one of two things, either 1) delay the page load in Opera until it is complete at which time the page would be rendered (I understand it would clearly be slower than PM or FF, but at least I wouldn't see parts of the page getting loaded with ads until complete as it happens with both Opera and Chrome) or 2) load a saved page from the last time I loaded my start-page and then load the current page once it is complete which would give the the effect that the page was loaded at the start and I would eventually get the current page 10-15 seconds later which is how long it generally takes Opera (or Chrome) to load my 16 page start-page as opposed to PM or FF which only takes 2-3 seconds for PM and 3-5 seconds for FF generally. And especially regarding Pale Moon it doesn't matter about how long ago I might have used PM in regards to the start-page and cache, PM always loads my start-page very quickly and without ads getting displayed even momentarily every time (FF is similar but I recall that I had an occasional glitch where an empty tab would start instead of the start-page in FF.)

    The fact that both Pale Moon and Firefox load something in the area of 5-10 times faster would suggest that my problem is not due to my "system" being to old. I've got an HP Pavilion g7 laptop w/ Intel Core i3 processor and 4 Gig Ram and am generally using the current browser versions so I'm certain the rendering issue is browser engine related.

    By the way, I use Opera as my backup browser (since I don't like Chrome at all for personal reasons) and FF has been becoming more and more a Chrome-clone over the years) to Pale Moon. And I can assure you Pale Moon offers users by far more options (many of which have been abandoned by other browsers over the years which were nice options to have) and is extremely quick, robust and very safe to use and I might add that PM Support is the best I've ever found for any browser (I would have to say however that PM is exceptionally strict security wise so while very safe on the other hand on occasion when sites are not up to specs this can cause issues for a few of these lackadaisical sites which is when I will use Opera). I would just like Opera to render my start-page in a better fashion is all as there are a few websites that can sometimes have issues in Pale Moon as is the case with all browsers and because Opera uses a different engine this gives me an alternate that performs in a different way which can be helpful when needed.

    As a footnote: I notice that I am required to refresh the forum to get the "Edit" function to work for some reason, but no big deal just kind of a little wrinkle with this forum I presume.