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  • ...and going back to Firefox.

    I've used Opera since version 5, on Windows then Mac, but last year I switched to Firefox after seeing Opera so thoroughly borked it was unusable.

    I was doubtful I'd ever use Opera again, even if it was fixed, now that it uses Google's Chrome rendering engine; after all, we all know about Chrome's security problems and Google's predatory attitude to users' privacy and data, don't we? I've had my own experiences with Google that I wouldn't want to risk repeating.

    So last night I checked in my installed version of Opera whether it was up to date, to be told that I was using version 12.16, which I knew, and it was the latest version. Er... really? I tried to log into my account here with the password I stored in the Mac's keychain, only to be told it or my user name, wasn't recognised. I asked for a password reset but the email never arrived, it's been more than 24 hours now. I've opened a new account. I downloaded what was presented to me on the Opera website as the latest version for Mac, only to find it was a beta version of Opera Next. WTF? I'm not a beta tester and I didn't ask for a beta version. I found the link to the latest stable version and looked for bookmarks, surely that problem had been fixed by now. Evidently not, and a comment in one of the forums said it's not even being worked on. Someone said they're using Speed Dial as bookmark storage, but how? I'm o.k. with the idea, but I've tried right clicking on folders on the bookmark bar and adding them to Speed Dial, but it doesn't work. I've tried dragging folders to Speed Dial, that doesn't work. I have over a thousand bookmarks nicely organised in Firefox, I'd need to get those into Opera to be able to use it, but again, how? I clicked on Opera Help, repeatedly, and got a 503 error message every time.

    I've been browsing with Opera for a day now, and it doesn't freeze as often as it used to but still enough to make it unusable. I'm using OS 10.9.2. and the Mac has just come back from servicing which fixed a software problem so I think the problem is Opera and not the computer or OS.

    I could go on. I couldn't even find a link to these community forums in Opera, I had to get here by searching for the address in Firefox. Honestly, I've never seen a piece of software so thoroughly wrecked by its developer as this one, not even the page layout software I used before InDesign (name starts with 'Q'), and they're real masters of breaking their own product.

    I'm sorry to see Opera go this way. I was using it when it had to be paid for, it was worth it. I'll stick around and follow what happens, but I don't see myself using Opera again until they stop the browser being little more than a front end for Google.

  • I am a MAc user. Which version of opera you are using?

  • I totally share your pain... I was about to create a topic myself a while back, but decided not to after seeing the many complaints made by other people and seeing how the developers do not care at all.

    How do they expect to get new users when there is no way to properly import bookmarks from other browsers?
    The solution that is suggested as workaround here is to install the old Opera, import bookmarks there, then install the latest version and use the Bookmark Importer feature.
    Surely it imports your bookmarks in the end, but it seems to import them randomly, ruining your perfectly sorted bookmarks.

    Then after having shitty rendering performance compared to Chrome, I decided to give up on Opera entirely. Guess the great Opera days are over.

    People not wanting to be stuck with Google products (Chrome), have not much choice but to stick with Firefox now.

  • Opera people - Please update the Mac App Store version of Opera. It's not good that you've still got the old 12.16 version on there.

  • I logged in, in order to comment — and had to navigate to this thread from scratch! Way to go, Team!

    I'm happily back to using Opera 11.64, on Mavericks, tortie-cat. As always (well, since 9.2?), if I have a problem, I can use the "Open with" menu to use another browser. Odd, though: I don't seem inclined to select "Chopra" to help… 🙂

    Is this ideal? Of course, not. There will be no more security updates, and the evildoers on the Net will pursue us –the last dozen users of a decent Opera browser– till Hell freezes over… (I'm hoping for some consistent Global Warming.) But it could be worse: We could be users consigned to Windows XP.

    I wish Opera well. But I'm not interested in their current products, nor their changed philosophy. My gratitude remains, my dismay is best left as muted as this…

  • Sorry not to have been back until now – I got run off the road by a drunk driver :-(. Opera hasn't released an update since I originally posted. Now I have Firefox behaving oddly; if I click a link that opens a PDF, FF tells me I have to install a JRE v.6 something if I want to open Dreamweaver. I don't have DW. Sigh...

    Please, Opera, get your act back in gear. This is no way to run a business.

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