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Where is site preference data stored in Opera 12.14

  • I run opera on a ram drive that doesn't save preferences manually. To circumvent that I have done things like move the bookmarks folder onto another drive so that if I were to shut down my computer, any updates to the bookmarks folder are saved.

    I'd like it so that the Site preference data ( or the file associated with it) is also on a different drive.

    What would that file name be?

  • It's stored in the file "override.ini" in your profile folder.

  • This is great!

    Out of curiosity, what else is stored in there?

  • It stores the various unique settings for specific sites that are used to over-ride the otherwise global settings of Opera... all of which are listed in the various tabs of the Site Preferences panel (when you right-click a site page). Open the file with Notepad or any other text editor and take a look. You'll find a site url listing at the start of the file, followed by a detail breakout of the various settings for each listed site. The settings for the items shown reflect the choices made using the Site Preference options and its associated "permissions" pop-ups you may have enabled; these also use the same terminology as the global settings in opera:config.

  • Note that the cookie settings for a site preference are stored in cookies4.dat. That's kind of silly, but that's how it is. A while ago though, Opera tried to fix it so the cookie settings were in overrride.ini. But, the changed caused too many problems and the change had to be reverted.