Speed Dial bug in Opera Developer 21 - Blank page

  • Hi

    I have blank page in speed dial like this:


    When i clik on empty space speed dial link working ok.

    Any solution for this ?

    Sometimes after restart opera speed dial working ok.

    Windows 8.1 Update 1 EN x64.

  • As a temporary workaround (till the time, when it would be fixed by the Developers), you can disable GPU hardware acceleration:
    Right click on the Opera 21 icon on the taskbar, then right click on the Opera 21 command (shortcut), and select Properties, then in the Target textbox, go to the end of the path, and after launcher.exe, insert a space, and add the command line switch as below (then click OK):

    "...launcher.exe" --disable-gpu

    After this change, no more blank pages on the "Speed Dial", here on my PC with Windows.

  • Thx, working ok 🙂

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