Opera 19 and higher ignores Windows zoomed environment

  • My full Windows 8.1 environment is zoomed (bad eyes), all items and text is larger, see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/make-text-screen-larger-smaller/?v=t for explanation.
    Till Opera 18 this works perfectly, the tab bar, address bar, etc are larger and also the websites U visit with a normal 100% zoom in Opera. But when I upgraded to Opera 19 everything went to it's normal size, the Windows zoom isn't honored in Opera 19, two weeks later Opera 20 was released and I gave it a new try, but it's the same, so I'm stuck on Opera 18. I would love to upgrade but it's not possible for me. I've never seen an application that doesn't honor the Windows zoom. Is this a bug and do I need to send a bugreport?

  • It's related to this issue. No need to report it.

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