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Theme colors got darker with 36.0.2130.32 update.

  • I updated to 36.0.2130.32 (on Mint 17.3 Mate, 64 bit), and restarted Opera. The theme on the New Tab page got noticeably darker and grayer—it's the default penguin theme, and it has turned from pale blue to a fairly dark gray. If I go to the Themes page it looks correct in the background, but not when I'm on the Speed Dial page. The same thing seems to happen with other themes.

  • yes, there is a new overlay in version 36
    themes (in code) must explicitly define no-overlay to look as before
    it's because font contrast on start page (I guess)

  • Is there a way to fix it so it looks like it should?

  • only by theme developers

  • The only time you normally see that wallpaper is on the Speed Dial page. Why in the world would Opera think it a good idea to take what I decided I wanted to see on my Speed Dial page, and change it to something different?

  • OK, I see what the deal is. The tiles used to have the names on them in clear, easy to read black on white. Now the labels have been moved to below the tile and appear as impossible-to-read white letters, so the background has been changed to improve legibility to almost-impossible-to-read white on gray, while making the background look awful. Why did you think this was a good idea, Opera?

  • Hi,
    I've been asking about this very thing in the Windows forum. I'm using linux so duh, there.
    I know it's in the persona.ini file and you have to set theme overlay to "false" However even if you go into "chrome://flags" and "enable" "no Theme Overlay" overlay it's still there. I tried going into the config>opera>themes>persona.ini files for the specific themes and change the and changed "Use Overlay " to "false" still no joy.
    Arrrgh. How do I get rid of that dismal overlay that vexes me so?

    BTW, here's a link about his new "feature" (read:bug)

  • I tried the flags thing too, without success. The problem that would arise, though, is that if you have a light theme the text under the tile would be unreadable without the overlay. Maybe the Opera developers will adopt the suggestion I made in the thread in the Windows section, to give the text black borders so it will show up reasonably well on any background.
    In the meantime I'm using the "Grey" theme from the default selection, which doesn't get the overlay, and has nice, clear, easy to read black text. I miss the penguins theme though.

  • Still fiddling around trying to get rid of the murk. Even tried extracting the picture, lighting it up 20% with a slight contrast and saturation boost to compensate for the overlay. Still looks like poo. When you make your own theme there is no way to turn off the overlay BTW.
    That's way too sad as there were some nice themes that are all too dark now because they were made with earlier versions of Opera that don't have the overlay "feature".
    I guess in some cases the type could be hard to see previously but to trash all those nice themes for the couple that fall into that category. Tragic. Sometimes developers get too caught up in developing. sigh
    I downloaded Vivaldi from the original Opera guys that split off then things got different. So far I like it although it's still in beta.