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Opera's testing a browser that kills ads

  • I stumbled onto this article,it's a pretty good read. Too bad I am not a new opera user.

  • Interesting article. And kudos to Opera for putting into a browser something that ought to be resident in all browsers. That said, as this war unfolds, users are going to have to get used to sites breaking or blocking browsers which employ ad-blocking, either internally or via extensions. TANSTAAFL still applies, and selling ads/tracker-space is a key way many sites pay for their "free" content - so it's understandable that the sites would try to make users 'pay' for viewing their content by allowing their ads. At the end of it all, users are going to have to decide what and how to pay for content, or suffer being excluded from some places they've been accustomed to visiting; likewise, advertisers (and websites) are going to have to recognize that there is a limit to what users will tolerate in terms of ads - especially animated ones - splattered all over a screen.

    My personal issue with ads lies primarily in the risk they create for drive-by infections because neither websites nor the ad-servers to whom they rent space properly vet the ad-makers' code. Rotating ad servers serving up occasional scripted malware are a particularly noxious and difficult-to-trace form of attack. For many users, blocking ads is less a visual-preference thing as it represents an added security layer of computer protection. I'm one such user.