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FEEDBACK - Opera 20 (...from 12.16)

  • Hi, I realize that I am not the first to post about this, however, everyone has their 2-cents to add.

    Firstly, I have been using Opera as my primary browser since 2005 and though it has it's foibles, I have stuck with it and loved it for nearly 10 years!

    Not too long ago, I was prompted by Avast to update my browser, which downloaded Opera 17...after a short-lived experience with it, I uninstalled it and went back to some time later, I thought I would give the latest version a try in the hope that some of the things I disliked had changed, or some of the missing items added...sadly not. Obviously there has to be progress so I don't mind some visual updates here and there, however Opera 20 is missing some of the features that Opera 12 has, and these are quintessentially the reasons why I use Opera in the first place:

    1. Integrated Mail client - I run a small business so am often using my browser whilst working. I receive work emails and have the integrated mail client configured to my business email. In this fashion, I have one program running that I can use for emailing and also other Internet related pursuits. I understand there is now a standalone Opera mail client, however if I wished to use a separate mail client, I would configure Outlook for my work email, which I currently have installed and not connected!

    2. 'Enable Thumbnails in Tabs' - why has this feature been removed; it was always optional! It may sound a petty reason to not want to use Opera 20, however I very much like to be able to see a small thumbnail of the web-pages I have open in the Tab-bar. If you don't have space on the screen you don't have to have the thumbnails, but it is nice that there is the option in Opera 12

    3. tab-groups - I like to have a lot of web-pages open that reload whenever I close / open Opera...being able to organise them in to collapsible groups is an excellent when I try to stack tabs in Opera 20, the just get swapped!

    4. open in background / new tab - why was this removed? Sometimes I want to open a link to view immediately, sometime you want to look at it later...choice please!

    I can deal with other changes made in the name of progress...but give me back my Thumbnail Tabs & tab groups!

    I understand that Opera is trying to reach a broader audience and gain some popularity, however I would happily pay for Opera 12...not Opera 20

    Thank you...krs