Script Blocking

  • I loved disabling JavaScript and plugins in Chromium because there was an indicator in the address bar for conveniently adding exceptions. It was like a simplified version of the Firefox plugin NoScript. Opera, however, doesn't seem to have this functionality, and it makes it too cumbersome to disable JavaScript and plugins for everyday security.

    Is there any alternative or a way to achieve this?

  • Have you looked into extensions?

  • NoScript is not available on Opera but there are many other add-ons that can do basically the same thing in most ways.

    You could look into the following extensions (1st two most similar to NoScript):

    1. uMatrix (I use this),
    2. HTTP Switchboard (very similar to uMatrix),
    3. NoScript Suite Lite,
    4. HTML Content Blocker,
    5. JavaScript Switcher,
    6. Cobra Online Security ATD,
    7. ContentBlockHelper (scripts blocked as well as ads)
      to name a few.
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