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  • Is it my imagination or does Opera 20 stop background tabs from processing? Several times I've opened things in a tab and then switched to another tab while the first loaded up and when I switched back a few minutes later the tab hadn't completed loading but then quickly does so. It's as if Opera gives background tabs a lower processing priority.

    Is this so? Is it documented anywhere?

  • Nobody else has noticed this happening?

  • Nope... Are you sure you're using it in Windows (the sub-forum you created this topic)?

  • Yup, this happens for me on my Windows XP desktop and my Windows 7 netbook.

    If I'm playing a game, such as Hotshots on Facebook, and I switch to another tab while the game carries on running in the first tab, then I can hear that the game has slowed down (it's a game where a ball bounces around and each bounce makes a noise, the bouncy noises slow right down which signifies that the game is running much slower). When I switch back to the game tab it speeds up again.

    It makes sense that background tabs should get a lower priority, as you've not looking at them. But it seems to be a very low priority. Maybe it's something to do with the Blink engine.

  • I found this:

    Apparently Chrome slows down processing of background tabs. I guess Opera 20 has the same thing.