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Font Dialogue ( when changing fonts ) in Opera M2

  • Hello ,

    About V. 11.52 ( with M2 build-in )

    I have assigned a button to call up the font dialog to change font size and so on....

    I wonder the font dialoge box is now in the center & please tell me if any work around I can make this always at the right hand side of my screen ?

    Sorry for being picky but I assigned a button to a very long sequence command when this Font dialogue pops-up.

    And I want to not to waste my time & I want to read my compose mail during the font dialogue executing my command.

    Thank you very much.

  • Hi ,

    Any one know if I can make the font dialogue box remmember it's last location where I put them ?

    It seems they are in the center always & I want to put it at far right hand side near top corner.

    ( It is because I assigned a marco command sequence to the font dialogue it takes 15 - 20 seconds to finish the command so I want it do it at the side & I can continue to read in M2 )

    Thank you very much.

  • @emc
    Try to insert this into your custom button's macros:

    Execute program, "c:\windows\nircmd.exe","cmdwait 1500 win move foreground 500 0" & Open Font Dialog


    • 500 0 - means to move Font Dialog - 500 pixels right and 0 pixels up
  • Work Perfectly !! Thanks stng !

    I made it :

    opera:/button/Delay,10,,THINK-PAD&%20Delay%20,%20200%20&%20email%20Clear%20Formatting%20&%20Execute%20program,%20"c:\windows\nircmd.exe","cmdwait%20100%20win%20move%20foreground%20500%200"%20%&Open%20Font%20Dialog%20blah blah blah.

    • 500 0 -

    If I'm so really stick the font dialoge at teh very edge of right top corner. How to do this ?

    Like - 0 0 - ?

    cmdwait 1500 I understand , what is win move the 'win' means ?

    Thank you very much.

  • @emc

    cmdwait 1500 I understand

    I've found that Opera can't execute program (e.g. nircmd) from a child window (e.g. Font dialog). But it is possible to exec program before child window appearance.
    Nircmd has "cmdwait" command line parameter that allows to execute Nircmd's command (e.g. move window) after delay.
    Read help file of the Nircmd utility. It has a lot of useful information and scenarios of usage.

    If I'm so really stick the font dialoge at teh very edge of right top corner. How to do this ? Like - 0 0 - ?

    No. It's strictly depends on you screen resolution, scale and theme's settings in Windows. For an example, "win move foreground 500 400" will move the active window (e.g. Opera's Font Dialog) 500 pixels right(X axis) and 400 pixels down(Y axis). You can use a negative values to move window up. This works for me (top right corner of the screen) : win move foreground 700 -250 (my display resolution is 1680x1050).