I loosed my bookmarks

  • From my opera browser, have been loosed all my bookmarks. How can I restore them? Is there someone to tell me?

  • there isn't a hope?

  • Assuming you're using a recent version of Opera, not 12 or earlier, there should be a file called "bookmarks" (with no extension) in your Profile\Data folder (look at "About Opera" from the main menu to see where your profile is).
    There may also be a file called "bookmarks.bak" there, which may well have a backup of your bookmarks.
    Try renaming "bookmarks" to "bookmark~", copy bookmarks.bak to another folder or the desktop, rename it "bookmarks" (remember don't add an extension) and move that back to the profile\data folder.
    See what bookmarks (if any) have returned.
    Do all this with Opera closed of course!

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