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Opera.exe instance swallows more than 50 to 60% of my CPU

  • I'm still struggling with Opera consuming over 50% CPU. Plus it's normal load which may in total run up to 80%.
    I turned off the crashreporter, which was also causing high CPU while there was nothing to report, no crash.

    It happens in idle mode, but also on the run.
    It's not specified in Process explorer or taskmanager, only Opera.exe ?
    I kill that high CPU process and Opera is still available, not shutting down.
    So I wondered maybe an update check? Or whatever?
    Can't get a hold on that mysterious Opera behaviour.
    If browsing is significant slower, it's mainly caused by an open Opera, even if you are using another browser at that time.

  • I have opted for developermode, but what should it display, or what to look at?
    I noticed that Opera often when idle jumps into that CPU consuming mode of over 60%.
    Killing that Opera.exe won't shut down the browser, so what is it, that's it's doing ?
    I can't figure out what the difference is between Opera.exe and Opera.exe where one is the normal operation and the other a useless running one?

  • Try that Opera browser in a safe mode: no start page, disabled extensions and plugins.
    You might achieve that by disallowing everything for the private/incognito mode then go there. Not every extension might go off that way, so if you don't care, you might just disable them all completely to see what'll happen. Well, some hardware acceleration or failing driver might be, huh? 😕

    See, if it is an opera.exe process, it might be something that you (or something else there) have kinda installed there but which doesn't seem to behave - like either incompatible or having been laid with an error. So if it's like that, the thing might start and get ^running^ but burning rubber while doing that.
    I'm no geek - I just watched car racing movies. :rolleyes:

  • Memory is cheap these days. Buy some.

  • "Viewing a TV doc"

    At what resolution are you trying to watch it anything over 720p will tax your system considerably if you choose a video on youtube and change it's resolution you should see comparable drops in CPU usage as the resolution drops off... Also if you're not using a discreet video card then it would help alot as most new GPU's are capable of decoding video via it's hardware thereby not using so much CPU resources

  • canadagoose4ever

    Memory is cheap these days. Buy some.

    He said CPU usage, not RAM.


    Still waiting for an answer, just again 60% CPU time.
    Stopped that process and Opera still working, so a totally unnecessary Opera process absorbs my CPU now and then.
    There is no indication whatsoever of a virus or malware.

    It may well be a plugin that's installed in Opera, not Opera itself. As joshl suggested, try running without any addons.

  • Opera has a built in task manager. You will find it in the Developer menu if you have it enabled. In there you can find the exact process in Opera that is causing the high CPU usage.

  • I tried the developer mode but it's very unclear of what I should watch?
    By the way, my system has 8GB memory and it more than fast enough for any browser or video.

    It usually happens when Opera is left for a while idle.
    But since there is no distinction between several Opera.exe operations running at the same time, I can't find out what the difference or purpose is, even with System Explorer. It all leads to the same process?
    So if it jumps up again, I kill the most CPU consuming one, and another Opera session is still working OK.

    I have found the task-manager, see what that will display?

    Thanks so far for the help.

  • LIke I said, Opera has its own task manager. To find out what process is using the CPU you need to use Opera's task manager, not the Windows task manager.

  • It may have been Avast Online security, an addon, which this morning showed up in Opera taskmanager with 50% CPU time under the flag of Opera.exe, also in Windows task manager, or Systemexplorer.
    So I deleted it, to see if this may be the culprit?
    Thanks for suggestions.

    I have Avira browser safety installed.

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