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Opera 12.16 Indicates "You are using the latest version of Opera" But Versions 15-18 Released

  • Hello and thanks in advance for any help. I'm using Opera 12.16 on a laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium. When I manually check for updates I receive the message "You are using the latest version of Opera". However, the Software Updater in avast! Free Antivirus indicates that there's an update and, when I click on the link, I'm sent to "" where clicking on "Free download for Windows" offers a download of "Opera 18.0.1284....tup.exe". The changelog shows that versions 15-18 have been released yet my 12.16 is up to date? Also, when I installed version 18.1284 it didn't recognize that there's already version 12.16 installed but it still installed in the same folder, C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera, only with "launcher.exe" instead of "opera.exe". I didn't dig much deeper but I'm thinking that "Stu'sOperaSettingsImport&ExportTool0.993 might get a bit confused if put to use, and I'm not really in the mood to manually tweak all of the customizations in the version 18 install, let alone sort through the mess of two versions installed in the same folder, so I uninstalled version 18. Can some kind soul please offer clarity? My brain really itches due to the confusion; any scratches much appreciated 🙂 .

  • Opera 12.16 is the last version using Operas presto engine. Version 15 and up use the new Blink (chromium) engine. they are vastly different and not many tweaks can be achieved as of yet in the newer versions. You can keep both versions without interference from each other. Read and search the forums to see how they differ and ask any other questions after doing so. They share nothing in the import export arena. The new version will change your notes into an html file placed on the desktop and you can use the bookmark importer to bring all bookmarks into the new version. However, they become speeddials or speeddial folders or you can enable the QAB and they become bookmarks in a bar below the address bar. Have fun!

  • Thanks for the information, Soulviolence. If you've time, could you please expand on your statement "You can keep both versions without interference from each other."? Given that they're installed in the same folder I'd much appreciate more information before I reinstall 18 and check it out. Thanks.

    Edit: I found this link (from rafaelluik) on another thread and found it informative:

  • Well, 12.16 is the latest version of Opera... the new one is a thinly disguised Chromium... :p

  • Originally posted by LouieChuckyMerry:

    Given that they're installed in the same folder I'd much appreciate more information before I reinstall 18 and check it out.

    I alwasy use the USB install option, which makes it easy to keep things separate. To import your settings from 12.16 to Opera 18 use a command line switch with Windows Key + R:

    "<Full path to Opera 18>\launcher.exe" --presto-small-prefs-dir="<Full path to old Opera>\profile"

    As you read in the link that you gave, Opera 18 is far from complete yet. You could safely ignore it for now, but it's not a bad idea to start getting used to it. Opera 12.16 will become obsolete later, though it is still being maintained, i.e. 12.17 may be released if security updates are needed.

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