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  • My plan was to stick with Opera 12.16 for a long time. Since now!
    Moving to Opera 15+ is not an option.
    And using 2 browsers in parallel is not an option either.

    So I am seriously thinking about moving to Firefox completely, after 12 years being devoted to Opera.

  • I'm using 12.16.
    In my work I have to use google docs (especially them spreadsheets) and iit's quite frustrating I can't do anything in these docs anymore as I'm using an 'outdated browser'.:doh:

    Opera devs..please do something with this issue!

  • Install Opera 18 and use that alongside Opera 12.16 for those sites that don't support Opera 12.16.

    I haven't used Google Docs, but I presume that it will work well with a browser using Webkit/Blink rendering engine.

  • Originally posted by rilef:

    The "Open With" context menu for Opera 12 does not include a menu item for Opera 18, even though both are installed.

    Did you use the USB install option? Otherwise, I would expect Opera 18 to appear on the menu. It does on mine, but then I modified my menu to make sure that it does, since I always use the USB install option.

  • Hiera
    Not surprised Google dropped Opera support

    Try to mask as Firefox (latest one version). Here is instruction:

    ( Replace "" with "" )

  • I already tried this (with many User agent strings). It does not work.

    There is some problem/error in Javascript, so Google doc doesn't get initialized on load properly and then it seems that whole document is read only.

  • Unfortunately...
    Probably there is way to fix a part of this issues with the UserJS.
    Too bad that browser.js isn't being updated anymore.

  • I've just found that my Google Doc spreadsheets aren't working too!

    Arrgghh! They used to work fine in Opera 12.16 but now they open up and you can't click on anything or even scroll them to view beyond the first page.

    Looks like I'll have to resort to using Chrome...

  • Originally posted by Murray:

    Looks like I'll have to resort to using Chrome...

    Or Opera 18, you know it.

  • It seems that Google Docs are working in Opera 12.16 again.

  • Yup, I'm not sure what happened but I can confirm that the spreadsheets are now working ok again in Opera 12.16.