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Opera loading slower than before

  • Hi, so this has been going on for months now.

    My opera is loading waaaaay slower than it used to.

    i have 3 pc's with Opera at the moment.

    PC 1: i updated Opera browser, and after that it got super slow everytime i opened the first website, but once the first website was opened everything else would load as fast as usual (when truning on Opera Turbo i dont get that problem when opeing first web-page). But this shouldnt be the case obiously. My internett can open web-pages quite fast.

    PC 2: Old laptop with its own problems, but i had a old version of Opera on it but it had no problems with loading the first page as fast as it was suppost to. However, yesterday i updated Opera on that PC and the same problem occured, short fix would be to turn on Opera Turbo, wich is quite annoying when i have to play videos.

    PC 3: A new pc to 10k Norwegian Kroner, Same problem with Opera upon opening the first page. (with Opera Turbo as fix).

    I did not use to use Opera turbo back some months ago, but after an uptade i feel that i have to use it in order to load first web-page fast enough.

    The problem with Opera Turbo is that i have this "click to run adobe" stuff and have screwed up some videos.

    Any know cure for this.

    Thanks for reading and sorry about my English grammars.

  • I'd like to add that i dont have problems like this on Internett Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, But i want to use Opera as my main browser

  • I just went for 12 something to 30. Slower, does not decode pages correctly as 12 did, has little to no customization, and in general about everything I liked about 12 has been removed in 30. Will not be using it anymore except here. Deleted shortcut. I do not browse on a phone which is what this looks like for the intended use.

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