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  • I use Gooogle docs regularly as part of my work. Since the browser update. Opera no longer lets you use the up/down/left/right arrow keys to navigate a google doc spreadsheet. I have tried using Chrome and it works as it should. Why is Opera unable to perform this simple function? If you can't fix it. I guess Chrome is for me.

  • Don't you want to leave a threat to the developers' friends and family too?

  • Your an idiot.

  • Tweeeeeeeeet!! Penalty! @Rafaelluik, personal foul: over-reacting to a post, 15 yards. @Livitcus, personal foul: over-reacting to the over-reaction, 15 yards. Penalties offset each other. Tweeeeet!! Resume play!

  • @liviticus

    He's a better class of idiot — he knows how to use apostrophes. (~_~)

    Since Opera now uses the Chrome engine, I am surprised that Google Docs doesn't work. Which version are you using?

  • I guess the original poster could've found our little village's brusque sense of humour repulsive. 🙂

  • I only came to this forum to seek answers to my question. Instead all I got was a lame response from someone attempting to be humorous. If I wanted to have a laugh and joke. I would go to a comedy night down my local. But seeing as this is the forum for reporting problems. I did expect a more professional solution to my current problem than the one I got. But I guess someone has to be the village idiot.

    I was using Opera_20.0.1387.64 but I un-installed it and installed Opera_19.0.1326.59 but still having the same issue. So I will try install an older version of Opera.

    Also it's not just the arrow keys. I cannot delete cell data by using the delete or backspace keys. The tab button also doesn't work.

  • I can confirm the issue of unexpected behaviour of function keys in Google Spreadsheets using Opera 19 and 20. Looks to me that a recent change in GDocs broke it. Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer all work fine though.

    Broken function keys include cursor keys, tab, delete, backspace and F2. But only in some cases: Cursor keys, delete and backspace do work inside a cell (but not when I enter by double clicking) but can't move/empty the active cell.

  • Hi.... Has this issue been resolved? I am having the same problem 14 months after the issue was reported here.