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Operal Mail: How to add error logging?

  • Now that I have an outgoing log, I do not see any error messages. There is a lot of info and maybe I could deduce an error message but there is nothing like the error message Thunderbird created ... "Sending of the message failed. The message could not be sent because the connection to Outgoing server (SMTP) timed out. Try again."

    Just a heads up for subsequent readers of this thread.

  • Is this with the new 1511 10586.86 Windows 10 cumulative update that just came out?

  • Yes. Windows Home 1511 10586.86

  • Just for kicks, I'll try to see if I can reproduce the problem on my end.

  • Using the same Win10 build and Opera Mail (connected to Gmail account), I downloaded, composed a new message, attached the png file and sent it to another one of my addresses. Worked no problem for me, so I'm not sure.

  • I have 3 PC's. One is having the problem, the other two work fine. I can't say that it is a W10 problem but it is very coincidental that it started after the update.

    2 nights ago I sent, Via Opera, an email with attachment at 1AM that did not go. The next day I noticed it went at 5AM (I think Opera is set to send/rec every 5 or 10 minutes). Yesterday I sent an email, Via T'bird, with attachment and it went right through. I sent another like it shortly after the one that went through and it did not. Last night I sent an email, via T'bird, that did not go and it never got out of the outbox. Forwarding mail also does not go though unless I delete the contents of the original.

  • Update: I did a Malwarebytes scan & a deep scan using MS AV software (took about 12 hours). The AV software found "Exploit:Java/Obfuscator.AH". It has been removed.

    2 out of 3 mail software packages "seem" to be working reliably now (fingers crossed, both hands). Thunderbird does not work but Opera and the MS Mail app works. Not sure how it got there or how long ago. It probably was not the MS update.

    Now to figure out T'bird.

    Currently running another deep scan.

    Thanks all! And seasons greetings.

  • Now to figure out T'bird.

    I'd check to make sure there are no funky add-ons installed in Thunderbird. Also, in "options" under "Network and Disk Space -> connection settings", I'd make sure Thunderbird isn't set to use a proxy.

    Might want to check "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts" to make sure there are no funky entries in it.

    Might want to check the WAN and LAN adapters in "Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections" to make sure their TCP/IP properties don't have custom DNS entries.

    Might want to check the connection settings in Internet Options in the Control panel to make sure the LAN settings aren't set to use a proxy.

    You could reinstall Thunderbird's program files too just in case.

    You might want to check your AV's email scanner settings for Thunderbird too.

    You might want to make sure the java plug-in isn't active in Thunderbird too (even though plug-ins shouldn't load in messages), just to be safe.

  • burnout426, Thanks for the suggestions!

    I did as you suggested and all seems well. I had already reinstalled T'bird. None-the-less, T'bird still cant send emails that have attachments or forwards (that probably have an attachment).

    Regarding "-> connection settings", I'd make sure Thunderbird isn't set to use a proxy."

    It is set to use the system settings for proxys but when I set it to use no proxy it did not affect it (did not send)

  • Also, I don't know how long ago MS-AV found the file. It could have been on that run or years ago. It doesn't let you know unless you look in the history file...which I usually don't. It just does its thing in the background.

  • I did as you suggested and all seems well.


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