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‘Go to web address’, Bookmarks, open previous page in new tab, ‘Select like a Boss’

    • Select a non-hyperlinked URL, right-click, choose ‘Go to web address’. The URL opens in the current tab even when holding CTRL, which would expectedly force a URL to open in a new tab instead. This is a problem, since it requires the user to right-click, copy the URL, open a new tab, paste the URL, and finally press Enter instead, obviously requiring many obsolete steps.

    • CTRL + left-click on the back button does not open the previous page in a new tab but in the current tab. Fortunately, Opera is kind enough to provide the user with a pop-up window asking if they are indeed intending to leave the current page (if the user is busy filling a form). This is however extremely bothersome, since there is not a single way (that I currently know of) to refer to a previous page (from the current tab) without leaving the page.

    • As soon as the user opens a bookmark from the bookmark manager, the bookmark should also select itself (or at least leave some sort of ‘a:visited’). This would allow the user to find themselves back more easily as they return to the bookmark manager later.

    • The add-on ‘Select like a Boss’ provides the user with the ability to select hyperlinked text. This should be a native feature of Opera, since it benefits all users.

  • Seconding this suggestion. The lack of this feature really bothers me.

  • Thank you for your support. I am afraid that the suggestions will end up being ignored due to the lack of attention from the general public. The features would benefit everyone however.

  • +1 for all these suggestions.

    1 You can a bit shorten your macro - copy URL, open new tab, Paste'n'Go. Actually I have yet to see case, when I would want such link to open in current tab - but probably in some kind of tiny devices such behavior seems logical.

    2 I'm using Clone + Back - not single step, but usable. Sure Ctrl+ modifier would be more simple (and consistent).

    3 No comments - I rarely use bookmarks in such a way.

    4 I have used this add-on, but currently I have it disabled - I don't remeber, what problems it caused. Usaually I select hyperlink + some more text, this is always possible.
    Actually you can select part of hyperlink in current Opera without add-ons, you just have to select text a bit out of upper/lower boundary of hyperlink (this may depend on style attributes, but usually works).

  • @donq

    1. The ‘Clone tab’ method certainly is the way to go for now. Thank you for the tip.

    2. This mainly benefits users who have hundreds of bookmarks. I have included this feature assuming that it is easy to implement.

    3. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, since it tends to include surrounding elements automatically. Usually there is a way of getting it to select just the text you want, but this is unnecessarily time-consuming. I have had less tech-savvy people ask me how to properly select text on a website, which is outright pathetic.

  • It should not be that hard to create extension, adding "Go to web address on new tab" to context menu. And "Clone + Back" (or "Open previous page on new tab") either 🙂 About bookmarks I'm not so sure.

    Maybe there is some such extension already?

  • You do make a point. I have carefully looked through the add-on repository before and have not come across such an add-on. I suppose that it should not be too hard to develop and I might have a go at it myself. I do still believe that features like these should become natively supported at some point.

    1. I am asking the same since years. Another temporary and a lot less handy solution is highlight the text and drag it to tab bar.
  • The real weird of all of this "suggestions" is that they are based in the Original Opera, and the real question is:

    Why should we ask for the features they had implemented in Opera Presto? Those "features" made Opera who they are...
    So are they planing to be Opera Presto Powered by a new engine?
    Are they planing to be another browser full of extensions to be similar to Opera Powerful Presto?

    What it's behind this lack of sense?