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  • Thank you to the developers for making it possible to switch to Opera. The previous graphical lag issues are longer apparent and I have become unable to live without mouse gestures among the other unique features now.

    Please find a list of bugs and/or feature requests below.

    1. Select a non-hyperlinked URL, right-click, choose ‘Go to web address’. The URL opens in the current tab even when holding CTRL, which would expectedly force a URL to open in a new tab instead. This is a problem, since it requires the user to right-click, copy the URL, open a new tab, paste the URL, and finally press Enter instead, obviously requiring many obsolete steps.

    2. CTRL + left-click on the back button does not open the previous page in a new tab but in the current tab. Fortunately, Opera is kind enough to provide the user with a pop-up window asking if they are indeed intending to leave the current page (if the user is busy filling a form). This is however extremely bothersome, since there is not a single way (that I currently know of) to refer to a previous page (from the current tab) without leaving the page.

    3. As soon as the user opens a bookmark, the bookmark should also select itself (or at least leave some sort of ‘a:visited’). This would allow the user to find themselves back more easily as they return to the bookmarks tab later.

    4. The add-on ‘Select like a Boss’ provided the user with the ability to select hyperlinked text. Please make this a native feature of future Opera releases. I do respect the decision of not adding such feature, since the add-on does very well and has not let me down once so far.

  • None of these are bugs. Also, this is not the suggestions forum.

  • The behaviour of one and two are not replicable on Chrome, which leads to believe that they are both bugs. The other two are indeed feature requests as indicated. I shall keep it separate by posting another thread to the Suggestion box forum.

  • Chrome and Opera share a renderer but not an interface. While you could say it is a missing feature it is not a bug.

  • Thank you for clarifying, lando242.