Opening multiple websites in new tabs via speed dial folders

  • Until today, I have been able to open multiple tabs using the Folders feature in the Speed Dial by right-clicking and selecting "Open all in new tabs". This feature still works, but now I am receiving an annoying confirmation box asking if I really wanted to open all those tabs. Obviously I am if I have taken the time to right-click the folder while on my Speed Dial, then actively selecting "Open all in new tabs"...

    I've tried looking for a means to disable this confirmation, but I cannot find the option in the settings [which I've noticed have been getting smaller and smaller with each passing update]... So, any suggestions? I know it's only a mild inconvenience, and I understand the addition of this feature, but traditionally these features have "off" switches too.

  • I agree with you, and I left a post in the Suggestion Box forum to this effect but I'm not holding my breath. Apparently it appears in folders with 10 or more dials. Definitely should be an opt-out choice somewhere, but I don't find one.

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