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Errors in the latest version of Opera - Opera 33.0.1990.115

  • Errors in the latest version of Opera - Opera 33.0.1990.115

    Two days or three issues ago I appeared in my browser Opera, latest, and one of them is serious because it prevents me from using Opera on Twitter.
    Here I will show you two problems, one just mentioned is serious, and the other is a nuisance that the user is unable to remove.
    My version of Opera is this, I think the last:
    Version: 33.0.1990.115 - Opera is updated Source of renovation: Stable System: Windows XP 32-bit
    I clarify something important, I have 15-inch monitor because I need that.
    As you have seen, I use Opera on my PC with Windows XP 32-bit.
    Does Opera is updated automatically, without notifying me, and so these problems were one or two days.
    I say this because I installed Opera over a month ago, and was Opera 32, and found it worked Opera 33 day guess updated automatically, and makes one or two days were these two problems, one serious, and it may be by a new update incurring such defects.
    The major problem appears to me on Twitter, where I connect everyday and make an account with 24,000 followers.
    In fact, my 15-inch monitor, Opera prevents me from getting to the right edge of the screen, outside the initial view that the monitor flange because NO appears the horizontal scroll bar or the key works with a scroll arrow towards that sector, or right.
    No way to go right.
    Well, there are two buttons Twitter is very important and regular use, I can not see or use.
    These buttons are displayed and used when the user of Twitter visit the account page or other users, and serve important action on the user visited, among which are to follow, lock, unlock, send a private message, send a tweet, and several more.
    Without these buttons NOT ok to block annoying or aggressive users.
    Perhaps the creators error occurred because Opera the buttons appear to the account or visit another user page, and the team controlled the Opera only own user page.
    Another place where the same problem of Opera appears, Yahoo Mail, for there, without desplazamientio horizontal bar because it lacks Opera, Yahoo pages where there where no keys, never return to the izquiedra, and sometimes work either the initial displacement to the right.
    As a simple user, I want to emphasize that a browser for 15-inch monitor should always have the horizontal scroll bar, precisely because the limited size of the monitor will need it at every turn.
    The Chrome browser has a soluciĆ³m half, so it's insufficient. Moves to the right with the arrow key, but his problem is that not work opposite arrow, pra back to the left. Thus, no return. Besides, it does not have the horizontal scroll bar. In my opinion, as I said, a rod always unavoidable.
    The other problem with this version of Opera is less serious because bothers me and can not be changed, although the use of Opera, in this case, is not affected, unlike the previous one.
    I refer to the start page with shortcuts.
    In my case, I put thirty (30) shortcuts, and use as the classic favorites or bookmarks, and with them I connect to all sites commonly used in my navigation.
    But now, down all, he appeared a black horizontal bar with five (5) options useless links to tools button is in the upper left corner of the page, and the problem is that this makes it difficult in many ways.
    First, this black and wide bar takes place the shortcuts created by me, and this is the worst.
    It would be better without the bar and stay there for a better view shortcuts.
    Second, its black, unchangeable, aspect is opposed to the criterion of choice of images and colors as a background for this page.
    Third, it is almost useless, because it was available before the button above and to the left of the page, although I admit that this black bar saves clicking on its five-link, but is imposed, it can not be removed.
    I asked the Opera development team that these two problems are corrected, especially the first, to move to the right of the screen.
    Thank you.