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20 similar links for a History item???

  • Guys
    Something starts to drive me crazy, please help! I recently looked to find a youtube video in my History that I've already seen a few months ago. While looking to find the link I've noticed a strange "habit" in my History: in certain days, some of the youtube videos appeared with the same link, at same minute, two or even five times! Since I perfectly remember that I've clicked once on a youtube video link, why Opera stored it by multiplying the same at the same moment? Now things started to be the same with some other links too. For instance I did a Google map search at 2:38 pm and now looking in the History it looks as I've had opened 20 timmes the same link at exactly the same moment (2:38 pm)?
    I'd like to add that same thing happens in my Iphone 6S since a few months: for instance there was a day when the Health

    App stepcounter counted twice exactly the same number of steps in same moment and this happened for all steps registered that day, like: 7:32am 45 steps, 7:32am 45 steps ... 11:15pm 8 steps, 11:15pm 8 steps. Next day again only one data, etc.
    In different days when stepcounter works OK, the distance calculation goes mad: it shows two or more distances for exactly same moment, like I would have gone in several lenghts in same moment. In general, any data registered is simultanously dubbled at exact 6 minutes periods. For instance, if I walk a certain distance and stop at 7:30, it registers two data: one mileage for 7:30 and the other for 7:24. I thought the second data is my hands movement but why data is stored six minutes earlier, whilst I moved my body and hands at the same time? What happens when 3 or 6 different data is stored at same moment? How many parts of my body moving are calculated separately in same moment and why?

    I mentioned Iphone as a connected issue, maybe somebody can help understand what is going on??? Thanks a lot!