How to open all URLs in a speed dial folder with one click

  • Hello everyone

    In Opera 33.0, using Ctrl+click to click a speed dial folder would cause all web pages in that folder to open in new tabs. This was a very, very useful feature.

    However, now in Opera 34.0, Ctrl+click on a speed dial folder only opens the folder (the same action as when I simply click the folder), i.e. it does not open the web pages in new tabs. With Opera 34.0, I now have to Ctrl+click the individual speed dial icons, even in a speed dial folder, individually, to open them all.

    Is there a setting that will revert to the Opera 33.0 behaviour?


  • I can confirm this is happening, so its not just you. Perhaps it is a bug.

  • Or perhaps the previous behaviour was regarded as a bug... that has now been "fixed". :0()

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