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  • I don't know when it happened (today) but my bookmarks were unsorted i.e. I could drag them to where I wanted. Now they appear in alphabetical order. How can I stop this from happening?
    Opera 33.0.1990.115

  • Hello There,
    The same problem is what I have faced before and found the solution to it. Let me tell you theirs some instruction which you have to follow, some basic instruction and I hope it will work...
    First Just go to bookmark menu there you will see an option at the top of the left opera Icon...
    Lets say I have a 2 pages bookmark to my browser 1. Iraqi Dinar and other one 2. Opera

    Then just by clicking on that opera icon, you will the folders with which you have bookmarked to your browser, right click on the folder which you want to see on top or you can set priority there as well.
    Hope you got my... Enjoy your Opera

  • Thanks for the suggestion but that doesn't solve my problem. I use the bookmark sidebar and that until today displayed my bookmarks in the order I wanted. Now they are in alphabetical order which is inconvenient. When I follow your suggestion, the bookmarks are in the "required" order but still in alphabetical order in the sidebar. HELP!!!!!

  • Do you perhaps have Sync on?

  • No,

  • Then check settings for the bookmark sidebar you are using. Perhaps something changed in there.

  • What settings for the sidebar? There are none.... Especially there isn't the ability for me to arrange my bookmarks in any way. I'm guessing that Opera 33 installed itself and something got lost in the latest release. It was all right 2 days ago. I haven't changed any settings ANYWHERE and now the bookmark folders are in alphabetical order and the bookmarks within each folder are also in alphabetical order. Fortunately there are other browsers that able to display a bookmark sidebar and don't decide to rearrange my bookmarks on a whim. Until someone can provide a solution I'm switching to Firefox.

  • @cogitosum
    what extension do you use to see your bookmarks in the sidebar?

  • I tick the sidebar box.

  • Chropera doesn't come with an inbuilt sidebar bookmark thingie. What we are trying to tell you is that you or somebody else installed an extension that you are using to display bookmarks in the sidebar. Since it is an extension, it either has options for sorting or a button somewhere that you perhaps clicked and changed the display order for showing bookmarks.

    Do list all extension installed on your Opera instance. Should be obvious to us which one is for the bookmark sidebar.

  • See what you mead - sorry. I'm using "Bookmarks by the Side" - identity is a red heart.

  • Great, I am using the same extension. It was just recently updated. Twice. While some bugs were squished - kudos to the developer since two bugs bugging me very much disappeared - a "feature" was added that auto sorted listed bookmarks. Developer immediately issued a second update with that feature optional.

    Update the extension if it didn't already autoupdated itself, and then click the bottom cogwheel button and untick the "Enable auto-sorting" option.