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Difficulty Installing Opera Mini on Samsung T669

  • I'm trying to install Opera Mini (Java) on my unlocked T669. Due to a couple of factors, I believe installation is impossible. I'll get into that in a second.

    First, here's what works. I used the built-in browser on the T669 to go to From there, I got a prompt to install Opera Mini 8.0. Everything up to here went off without a hitch.

    Now is the gotcha. When I actually run Opera Mini 8.0 for it to finish the installation, I get two prompts, in rapid succession, asking me if I want to let Opera Mini use roaming data. I do want it to use roaming data, so I click "Yes". The problem is that, due to the way the GUI works on the phone, I cannot click "Yes" for both prompts. The second prompt replaces the first one, and there is simply not enough time to respond "Yes" to the first prompt -- it only flashes on the screen and then disappears. As a result, Opera presents me with a screen indicating that it cannot access the internet. I have no way of knowing for certain, but I'm fairly certain that the issue is that the dialog which I cannot respond to is blocking at least one outgoing data request from Opera, keeping it from connecting.

    I'm fairly certain part of this is a Samsung bug, but I wonder if there's some workaround. For example, Opera must be immediately making two or more connections as soon as it runs, which is why I'm presented with more than one prompt to use roaming data. For example, when I run the built-in web browser, I'm presented only with one prompt at the beginning of the session, and I'm not prompted again until I close the browser and open a new session. My guess is that Opera is trying to immediately make two connections, and the phone prompts for each one immediately. Perhaps have a several second delay between the connections on this device -- enough time for the user to answer the first prompt?

    I am wondering if maybe it'll be usable once the install completes (when I run it, it fails at the "Installing..." step, where I assume it's trying to download the rest of / update itself). If I can't figure anything else out, I'll see if another SIM card which isn't roaming works for the install, and then I'll know if the program will function on roaming data following that.

    For anyone who's curious, I want it to work on roaming data because, for whatever reason, this phone believes my MVNO is always on roaming data, even when it's on the local network. I've verified that it's not actually roaming, so I'm not paying for that.


  • Have you tried 'O Menu / Settings / Advanced / Network test...'.

  • Do those menus operate after the initial jar install and before the final install is complete? So far everything I've tried at the connection error screen results in the program exiting...I've not gotten any menus to come up

  • Try to disable roaming option or your name must be Dexter. Btw, I hate roaming even when is not roaming or is something else with the same name.

  • Unfortunately, disabling roaming completely disables roaming data, not the prompt. So far I haven't found any way to access data without receiving the prompt.

  • You should activate another data account for java (set on apps or connection menu) alongside default one for build-in browser. It seems that socket connection doesn't work after http fail (dunno why http is on top) and perhaps fallback on some preset data accounts (tmobile) or it's something related with java permissions, hard to say what's cookin. Just to be sure call your provider and tell those cable guys to disable roaming status on their side (for your phone number) because something is buggin your bugged phone.

  • Unfortunately, I don't see any evidence that this phone has any way to modify connection settings for specific applications. I don't think it even has any way to modify the data settings for the phone (they were installed via a settings message from the provider).

    Looks like Opera Mini is a no-go on T669 (at least, for roaming). Oh well. The built-in browser isn't awful, it's just awfully slow.

    Unless there's some way I can complete the install without going online? Maybe the browser itself will work, but the install doesn't.

  • ... over Wi-Fi if your phone has it, that will kill roaming prompt. There is nothing else you can do except disabling roaming messagge, perhaps that can be done via hidden service mode/settings handled by dumbo TouchWiz.