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My Thoughts on Opera (from a Firefox User)

  • While leaving Firefox was hard, I was done with Mozilla removing features I loved and Firefox hanging every other 10 seconds.

    Interface: 10/10: It has the classic Firefox look. Absolutely love it. I would recommend that Opera would add a Addon bar as I don't want my address bar cluttered. Other than that, Opera is fine.

    Extensions: 5/10: While it's not Opera's fault there isn't everything, Opera is missing quite a bit compared to Firefox and Chrome. (KeePass Plug-in Missing)

    Ease of Use: 10/10: No reason why a browser should be bloated with useless features. Opera understands this; unlike Mozilla.

    Power User Rating: 5/10: I'm a power user and don't see as much control in things as Firefox, but Opera's focusing on stability so I can understand.

    Overall: I love Opera. I have switched from Firefox. I plan to stay for awhile too!

  • While it's not Opera's fault there isn't everything, Opera is missing quite a bit compared to Firefox and Chrome

    Many Chrome extensions run in Opera just fine, though it is unsupported. Download an extension named 'Download Chrome Extension' and it will let you install extensions from the Chrome store.

  • Thank you my sir, You've really helped me! With this addon, I believe I won't be switching back to any browser ever! Opera will be my new home 🙂

  • Opera has simplified settings, yes, from a Firefox user, this is hard to shallow too. Anyway I'm glad you liked it.

    Btw, some stuff you may not know:
    On the options page, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, b, a; to see additional options (seriously).
    Typing opera://flags in the address bar for experimental settings.
    On the Opera shortcut, right click, proprieties, then add --enable-smooth-scrolling at the end of the Target box to enable the native smooth scrolling.

  • Thanks sir! This really helps with power users!!

  • Firefox is my main browser, but love Opera as well. Will be glad to help if you have any questions.

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