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Opera Mini 13 beta 2 for Android

  • Hi,

    It's time for another beta. In this version, we added concurrent downloads to allow you to customize the number of simultaneous downloads. Also, we have grouped finished downloads together to help free up the notification area.

    And, there's some good news for those of you who use the high data-savings mode: we've fixed some password-manager problems for Android versions 4.4 and higher. Now, it's possible to save your log-in credentials.

    We noticed some instability in our Facebook notifications feature, which should be fixed in this version. But, let us know if you experience any further trouble with it.

    As always, thank you for being a part of our beta testing team. Please leave any feedback you have for us in the comments.

    You can get the Opera Mini for Android beta 2 here:


    Opera Mini for Android team

    Edit 2015-12-03: We released an update to Opera Mini beta.

  • Thanks for the new update. A lot of changes but needs multiple threading downloading system. And we need bookmarks & saved pages backup & restore system. And also need a feature that can synchronize saved pages to Opera Mini server. Still having problem from many website (such, downloading button disappear in extreme mode with single column view from zippyshare website, downloading problem both in High & Extreme saving mode from mediafire website) Also can't able to bypass shorten link. Can't able to write bangla language font using any bangla phonetic keyboard in Search bar. But hope that Opera Mini team will be working to fix all of those bugs & will bring many new features for sure. Thanks

  • @paulalexi25: did you check out the downloads settings page in the latest beta? There is an option for concurrent (threaded) downloads there now. Also you should re-try zippyshare that problem should be fixed by an Opera Mini server upgrade earlier this week.

  • Multiple downloads only for small files; or worsen the navigability!

    From PlayStore:
    90 MB of RAM, no open tabs and services. Would not it be better to go back to basics?

    ① it's getting out the concept of "mini"!
    ② The intermediate speed is interesting, but it would be better exploited on a separate list, or app (it forces you to reload pages; + is not available offline).
    ③ Provide a quick send the page to "Opera" (to read full browser).
    ④ synchronization of the "history" (at least for single device).
    ⑤ Data (and especially cache) on external SD (excluded "confidential").
    ⑥ Saving favorite directly from the "list cards" (web icon?).
    ⑦ Thumbnail for saved pages.

    Best regards.

  • @barsk It's simultaneously/concurrent downloading management but we need muti thread downloading per downloading file (like a downloading file split into multiple thread connection as like split into 6 part or 9 parts thread to accelerate the downloading speed) The muti thread/multiple part connection should be in every downloading files. Thanks.

  • I just wish that the tab switcher from the classic Opera mobile/mini ui was available. The current options are bloated and fiddly by comparison.

    Oh, and could we perhaps get favicons back into the bookmarks manager?

  • @barsk, downloading problem from OPERATOR free download site as like ( this site is browsing and download charge free in Opera Mini but now i failed to download. Opera Mini BETA 13 can't download free from OPERATOR free download site, Opera Mini BETA 13 charging my account internet volume. What the Opera Mini's developers do? I think they are very lazy. They don't care this bug. Why they don't fix this bug? Opera Mini 12 version is okey Opera Mini 12 can free download from operator free site. But Opera Mini BETA 13 can't download free.

  • Can't download any file which Opera Mini shows as an Unknown file size. If I try to download any unknown file size's file, Always it Failed to Download. Also Opera Mini can't able to Resume those following files. Such as I tried to download a photo which Opera Mini detect as an Unknown file size. Sometimes the Download Failed & Can't Resume. Please fix this ASAP. But Opera Mini 12 stable version can download those following files easily whereas Opera Mini 13 beta 2 can't. Please fix this

  • You guys are awesome! thanks for adding the password manager - for beginning users it makes life much easier.

  • We're currently looking in to problems with inputing certain languages (such as Bengali) in the combined search and address field. But we can't see the problems ourself. So if there is anyone who have problems like this please help us out by giving us some additional details.

    What's your android version, what phone do you have, which keyboard do you use and did the keyboard language change automatically for you when changing between the search field and the address field in the old Opera Mini?

  • @barsk Can't input Bengali language in the search bar by any Bengali Phonetic Keyboard (Such: Ridmik Keyboard, Mayabi Keyboard lite etc. app) You know, we have two types of keyboard layout. There is no problem with any Default National or Unibijoy layout keyboard. The input problem only for Phonetic layout (aka Avro layout) keyboard. When try to write Bengali in the search bar by changing English to Bengali in the following keyboard the new Opera Mini shows the typed letters as English though I changed it to Bangla mode. But the Old Opera Mini can easily shows any Bengali words typed by any phonetic bangla keyboard in the search bar. Where the Old Opera Mini has no problem with this but the New Opera Mini has. Please fix it. Thanks to Opera Mini team

  • Opera mini developers may be they gonna mad :awww: today i see they some changes in server.
    If i download something via opera mini then
    opera mini says (Downloading the selected file will be charged standard data rates. Would you like to continue?
    If i click SAVE button SAVE button not working.
    Why SAVE button not working?
    Opera mini server developers just........... 💣 X/ O.O :down:

  • All just need Opera Mini server has to update/upgrade for more Stability, more Speedy. But the developers do nothing. We faced too much, yes too much file downloading problem & we continuously keep informed to the Opera Mini team. But they don't take any step for file downloading problems. Still there has no Multi-Threaded (Splitting Multi Connection to every single downloading files) feature. Opera Mini developers, Please fix all of those downloading problems & make a server upgrade for a super speedy Downloading+Browsing system.

  • hello,
    when i make video fullscreen, navigatiom (bottom) bar doesnt disappear, only things that disappear are icons on navig. bar. please can youn fix it? i have android 4.4.4.
    thank for your respond and make a nice day
    your fan house

  • Still there is no multiple thread connection splitted downloading system for each single downloading file. Please add the multi thread connection downloading system to accelerate the downloading speed.(Multi thread connection should be more than 6 or more part connection) Please add the following feature in Opera Mini, so that we can download any files more speedy ever than before.

  • when video is loading, navigatiin bar can hide, but after load, it cannot hide

  • Please Upgrade the Opera Mini's built in poor Download Manager for a better Downloading Speed & a better Downloading management. We want super speedy downloading system in Opera Mini. Add many features which can Boost up the file downloading speed.

  • at old opera mini, there was menu button (3 dots button) at navigation bar for convenient manipulation. i miss it in new opera mini.

  • I wish reload/stop button go back to navigation bar. and it won't hurt for page title in tab switcher to have 2 or 3 rows to display completely.

  • while I type the second word in bangla with ridmik phonetic keyboard, it automatically selects the word. please help.