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Feature Request for Opera Mini

  • Search Bar : In search bar we can't write any bangla language font by using any phonetic bangla keyboard. But Old opera mini can. Add the system that can write bangla by any phonetic keyboard in search bar. Also we can't manage default search engine. Please add the feature where we can manage our search engine as our choice in the search bar. And bring back separate search bar as old opera mini.

    Downloading : Though high mode optimized for large file downloading but we browse in extreme mode all time. So, please fix large file download failed problem in Extreme mode. Fix download resume problem. Add muti threads downloading (minimum 9-12 parts muti thread downloading system per downloading files). Add renaming features while downloading. Upgrade the server which is stands for file downloading.

    Browsing : Though Opera Mini said that it can compress upto 90% data. I run a test for 12 different websites. While Opera Mini shows 78% data saving whereas Opera Mini's nearest competitor UC Browser shows 87% data saving. So, Please upgrade the data compressing level in more higher level. Also browsing speed is little bit slow. Upgrade the browsing speed & upgrade the server for speedy browsing.

    Other : Opera Mini can't able to skip the ad from in extreme mode shorten link while all other browsers can. Also upgrade & optimize the High saving mode for more stability.

  • Photoshop uses some type of "optimized for web" compression which some type of Blur filter in JPEG algorithm for obtaining images with the lowest size possible.
    It duplicates the compression ratio of the extreme profile from 10:1 to 20:1. I would say most users wont perceive the degradation in quality. 🙂

  • Please add "Cloud Boost" & "Hardware Acceleration" feature in Opera Mini as like UC Browser.

    1. Can the opera-mini team add the ability to arrange/rearrange "saved for offline reading" pages the way bookmarks can be arranged.
    2. Can the team also add a "saved for offline reading" bookmark that gets updated when a new offline page is saved.
  • Please add "Cloud Boost" & "Hardware Acceleration" feature in Opera Mini as like UC Browser.

    Since the first place, Opera Mini have using cloudBost, anyway UC Browser is not saving more than Opera Mini, in many test that 3rd party tester, outside Opera Company shows that Opera mini compression is better, and UC browser do compression on the hardware(in our handled, or phones), for me it's insane, because if you use UC Browser, UC Mini, you can access the intranet, and that's not normal, it means the compression is not on the cloud, but on the device, because I see the network log, that the compession for Image works on the cloud, the rest is on device, I also suffer many battery drain using UC browser.

  • Were is the RSS feed reader?
    Its not there since upgrade for some month now.
    This was a feature no other browser had!

  • Johnfr3, you just stated my mind.

    "Saved Pages" is the most useless feature on Opera mini right now...personally.

    It doesn't sync to cloud or to SD card. Nothing.

    I loved this feature on Symbian. I have resorted to using UC-Mini to save the page offline or taking Screenshots.

    UC-Mini seems to have more usable features than OperaMini on Android.

  • Excluding third-party cookies could be an option in settings.

  • Alas !!!! So many days, months, years passing by. But actually there has no such extreme improvements for the poor downloading system. I've to use Opera Mini for web browsing & UC Browser for file downloading. Its boring. I want to do both web browsing & file downloading using opera mini. But for the poor downloading system of Opera Mini I just can't.

  • Were is the RSS feed reader?
    Its not there since upgrade for some month now.
    This was a feature no other browser had!

    It's still available, but you have to enable it in the settings, it's under advanced.

  • If it's possible I think per site settings for data savings mode would be very useful, for example I could set Facebook, Amazon and some other sites to always open in high data saving mode while all other websites open in extreme mode.