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Opera 33 - crashes or freeze like Opera 11 or 12.

  • Recently I've experienced several times that Opera 33 crashes or freeze. I have to use taskmanager to end Opera operations before I can open Opera again.

    This is the same problem I had with Opera 11 or 12. Maybee it was an earlier version of Opera, I don't remember exact.

    Anyone else experiece the same problem with Opera 33?

  • There are great differences between Opera version 33 and the olde class of Opera versions (through 12)... different enough that they are entirely, functionally, different software. If I had been having similar problems with both, I'd be looking instead at problems with my operating system (especially corrupted files), my hardware (especially RAM chips), my system software integrity (especially the presence of malware, conflicting legitimate programs, or driver issues), or the websites I visit (especially flash or graphics-laden sites).

  • My operating system is Windows 10 build 10586 (latest update), and about 4 weeks ago I installed a new Samsung 850 EVO SSD, running my OS. This freezing problem has shown up just in latest 5-10 days.

    All hardware components should have the latest drivers or updates, and I'm almost certain I do not have any malware or virus on my computer. I run Avira antivirus and Malewarebyte and none of those is reporting any suspicious problems, and my computer acts without any issue beside this problem with Opera freezing.

    The websites that I have experienced theese freezing problems is normal websites.

    The only thing I can think of is that it is a lot of flash pictures or what ever you call it, on newspaper sites or other websites with a lot of pictures or flash commercials.

    But how can I test if this is the real problem?

  • My operating system is Windows 10 build 10586 (latest update)...

    As in last week's Win10 upgrade? FWIW, there are numbers of reports appearing out on the Internet that the update (actually a major upgrade) has not gone smoothly for some users and has caused everything from sudden freezes of certain software to blue screens to driver chaos to who-knows-what else. A number of Win10 users have reported that certain less-than-latest drivers required by their particular system were auto-updated to the latest ones by the Win10 upgrade, with ensuing problems on those systems. Also, the Win10 upgrade apparently undoes many of the user's custom privacy settings, including the selection to not auto-download latest drivers - instead, the update sets the settings back to their original defaults.

    Anti-virus programs have been known to cause some odd problems for some Opera users in the past, though Avira has been generally better-behaved this way than some others.

    To test if Flash is an issue, try disabling the Flash extension in Opera and see what happens.

    Finally, you may have picked up corrupted site data in Opera's caches and session storage that is reappearing. In that case, you could try clearing such data and restarting the browser to see if it helps.

  • opera 33 keeps freezing with twitter. i am trying to understand if it's an opera issue or a win10 issue.

  • I saw that AMD has released a new driver for my graphic card. I installed this driver from AMD's home page.

    I will wait and see for a couple of days, maybe this could help.