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Bookmarks: Cannot delete some bookmarks or folders or empty trash

  • I've just imported my Opera 12 bookmarks using the method described some months ago: Export them from Opera 12 as HTML then import the HTML file into Opera Blink (current version is Opera 33).

    After importing I tried to delete a couple of folders that had Opera 12-specific bookmarks (eg list of Opera 12 keyboard shortcuts). No matter what I do the folders will not stay deleted. I've tried the following:

    1. Right-clicked on the folder in the tree on the left-hand side of the Bookmarks Manager, and selected Move to Trash. The folder disappeared but if I closed then expanded the parent folder the deleted folder reappeared in the tree view.

    2. In the folder contents pane on the right of the Bookmarks Manager I've right-clicked on the sub-folder to delete and selected Move to Trash. The sub-folder disappears from the contents pane but not from the folder tree view on the left. If I go out of the parent folder and back into it the deleted sub-folder reappears in the content pane.

    3. As per (2) but clicked the X on the right hand side of the contents pane to delete the sub-folder. Same result.

    I've noticed that the "deleted" folder does not appear in the Trash if I view the contents of the Trash. I've also noticed that I cannot empty the Trash. It appears to work normally but if I go out of the Trash then back into it the previously contents of the Trash reappear. I've tried right-clicking the Trash folder in the left hand tree view then selecting Empty trash, opening the Trash folder and clicking on the Empty trash button in the contents pane, and also deleting the bookmarks and folders in the Trash manually one by one. All give the same results.

    Has anyone come across these issues before and is there any work-around?