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Digital Spy forums now no longer working in 12.17

  • As of today (they were fine yesterday) the Digital Spy forums seem to have stopped working in Opera 12.17. I'm just getting the header and footer with a big white space in between.
    Anyone else confirm?
    The mobile version is still working, but looks awful!
    Tried different maskings, clearing cookies etc. but nothing makes any difference.
    I have reported it to them, but I'm sure I'll just get the usual "we only support Chrome, Firefox and IE".
    The forums do still work OK in the "new" Opera, but that's still a long way away from me wanting it as my default browser!
    Any possible workarounds I can try?

  • Can't confirm - no problem here.

  • Thanks, that's interesting (and encouraging!)
    I will have to investigate further if it's working for some people and not others.
    Cheers, Dave.

  • Also can't confirm; the site loads fine (though I'm using 12.14, which is extremely similar to 12.17 in most respects).

  • Have you tried disabling adblocker for that site. By the way I agree. Still not enough reason to switch to new opera. Old opera is a fine piece of software even with the occasional glitches

  • I actually have four installations of Presto Opera, two of 12.17 32 bit, one of 12.17 64 bit, and one of Opera 12.02 32 bit.
    The site no longer works in either of the 12.17 32 bit installations, but does work in 12.02!
    I haven't had a chance to try the 64 bit 12.17 yet.
    Disabling AdBlock makes no difference sadly.
    Digital Spy have just suggested deleting my cookies and cache again, but they did say they've had reports from other people of problems with the new site coding, so they may work on it.
    Looks like it's not an insoluble problem anyway, which is good news!

  • Strange things happen sometimes. The videos on had stopped working on my laptop, just a black box and attempting to load in bits per second, while it was fine on my windows tablet and I could not figure out why.

    I had made up my mind to do a new install when I have time and one day it just started working again

  • Well you're absolutely right, because it's suddenly started working again now, which it wasn't earlier on!
    Maybe Digital Spy did something at their end, I don't know and we'll probably never know.
    Now I'm just hoping that it keeps on working!