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Firefox + FireGestures + NoScript + AdBlock = Goodbye Broken Opera

  • Well, the title just about sums it up.

    I just wanted all Opera v12 refugees to know you can find peace and comfort with the combination listed in the title. FireGestures feels just as snappy as v12 gestures, can be used to open links in new tabs, and even works on Firefox's Speed Dial equivalent, ie. when there's no actual web page open.

    This is it, then. It's kind of sad to go after all these years, but I'm happy to have found a comfortable replacement for the greatest browser ever made. I was getting really worried my life on the Internet would start being really painful, but Firefox has rescued me, and for that I'm thankful. I think I'll donate to them.

    Bye bye! Good luck to you all!

  • firefox? are you kidding us? firefox is slow and take almost 30% of the cpu for nothing

  • I'm trying with firefox too, just because of "Panorama" feature I'm sticking with it.
    I keep my feed and speed deal on (old)Opera... and my 200 pages session open... Waiting for a real new Opera is depressing and disappointing. Among the "new opera" and Firefox, I'm sorry I have to fall for Panorama, better tab session management. Though the the cpu rises a lot, and heat the laptop as hell, I'm more comphortable iwth it than the new Opera. If you have any other suggestion, or a tab manager like Panorama for new Opera...I'd love to ear it.
    Also any other suggestion to reduce Firefox consumption is wellcome.

  • "Also any other suggestion to reduce Firefox consumption is welcome."

    Fire the CEO guy who invented JavaScript…