Opera blogs in other languages, Link to Opera forums in drop-down list (near logo of Opera).

  • Hi.

    I don't know where exactly I can create this topic, but if I created it in the wrong category, please move it to another category.

    I have two questions:

    1. Opera blogs is currently available in Brazilian, Indian, Indonesia, Japanese, Taiwan, Russian and Vietnam languages. Will you create this blog in languages such as French, Polish, Deutsch, Italian and more?

    2. Need to create a link to Opera forums in the drop-down list, near logo of Opera (see screenshot). Currently I need to go to Opera blogs and find a news about this forums.


    And of course: Sorry for my bad English 😛

  • Can someone answer to my questioms?

  • 1.French, Polish, Deutsch and Italian are spoken in European Union so anybody can sing the Choral with english lyrics in my opinion. 2.You are already in 'forums' and all news has 'announcement' tag on top for http site and Desktop/Mobile/Security on blogs so I can't undestand your question. News occurrence is already in place after login according with previous sessions.

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