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Re-displaying "Saved As" emails to hard drive.

  • Using the "File - Save As" menu in Opera Mail results in a selected email being saved onto the hard drive. However, I am unable to retrieve and display the saved email in Opera. Usually this is done by clicking to open the saved file and selecting the program with which you want it to open in. Although Opera Mail opens, the saved file is not displayed. The first thing I noticed is that the saved file does not have an extesion, so I renamed it adding the extension .eml. This allowed the file to open in Win Live Mail (which I am hoping to supersede and do away with) but again opening it in Opera Mail did not display the email. Would appreciate any assistance you can offer. Many thanks - Bob Deb

  • Opera saves messages in the standard MBOX format. It's like an eml file but the source of the eml is prefixed by a "From " line so mbox files can contain multiple messages. In the case of an mbox file that just has a single message, you can remove the "From " line and change its extension to eml and open it in a program that supports eml.

    MBOX files generally don't have a file extension. However, Opera can (and should by default) save them with an mbs file extension so that programs and the system can determine what they are.

    Opera 12.16 can open mbs files (associated with the application/mime) type and display them in a tab kind of like you can with mht/mhtml files. But when displaying an mbs file, you won't see all the header info like you would when opening an eml in another program. You also won't be able to save attachments that way.

    With the standalone Opera Mail 1.0 program, because it has most of the browser stuff disabled/hidden, it doesn't open mbs files like Opera 12.16. So, your SOL there. But, you can us "Menu -> settings -> import and export -> import mail -> import generic mbox" to import mbs files (with or without a file extension) into a new (local) or existing POP account so that you can have Opera Mail render them.

    For messages that only have a plain text part, you can just open the mbs files in a text editor to read the messages.

    That's about all you can do currently.

  • Many thanks for the info, will use the "import generic mbox" to retrieve the email. I save important emails to the hard drive so they can be backed up to a second (external) media. Leaving them 'pinned' in the Opera environment does not provide any backup (as far as I can see) and I dare not risk losing them through HD failure. Many thanks again - Bob Deb