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  • For some time we're working to solve the issues with duplicated bookmarks (and speed dial entries). I would like to reach some of our users to gather as many as possible scenarios when duplicates are created. Could you please share your cases? I would like to know what browsers you use, when duplicates pop up (f.ex. during sign-in or while adding, removing or changing bookmarks) or other details which seem relevant. For each case please attach login you're using to sign-in to synchronization. Any help will be much appreciated.

  • I use Opera Beta on two Apple Mac devices, plus and Android device.
    I constantly see duplications all of the time. Its really really annoying:

    I imported bookmarks from Chrome.
    Moved the various folders to a moe suitable location within Opera.
    Then, over the next few days, I saw/see the folders duplicated in all browsers.
    I deleted the duplicate on one desktop machine, log ito my other, and other folders now deleted!

    A total mess as fara as I am concerned. Thinking of going back to Chrome, as it all works fine there 😞

  • a few days ago opera duplicated bookmarks in bookmark bar. it was at start up of opera at the moment of open opera when opera sync the PC and opera site. so I deleted by hands the duplicated icons. mi user nickname is jazei

  • I have the same problem now multiple times.

    I just selected my bookmarks on my PC and saw the duplicates again - I think from my laptop which I use regullary - but I've thought it should be synced into it?

    I noticed some problems maybe when I'm logged off because of a network error or after an Opera upgrade? Login was not possible and maybe after new login it happened? I don't know.

    Funny that I have the duplicates on the same folder. Means I have the folder "Audio" 2 times and so on.

    E.g. I've cleaned up a sub-folder into 2 sub-folders "Prio 1" and "Prio 2" and moved all links into one of the sub-folders. Just see I have all in Prio 1 + Prio 2 (ok) ... and duplicates back in the original folder - as never moved.

    I would have a screen shot but can't upload it here.

    Drives me nuts. I think I will turn off the sync on my laptop.

    And how can I completely sync the laptop from scratch from the Opera database - to get a clean "copy" (hopefully)?

    Using always the latest stable Opera versions (32.0.1948.69 at the moment)

    Please fix asap.


  • I've just turned on my laptop and take a look into the bookmarks:

    Much more horrible as on my PC 😞

    I have all my subfolders spoken above now 4 (!!!) times including all the bookmarks.

    Horrible! I must turn off the SYNC of Opera completely.

    I hope I can delete all bookmarks then manually - and there will be NO sync to my PC.

    I have to live without SYNC until it works without any problems.

  • Do you see only duplicates of folders or it happens for regular (non-folder) bookmarks as well (so inside one folder you've duplicates of bookmarked page)?

  • I think this duplication occurs every time after a sign-in problem. e.g.: I tidy up bookmarks or speed dial and when auto sign-in does not occur for some reason, duplication of speed dial, individual bookmarks and bookmark folders happens.
    Very frustrating, as it would be a very useful thing if it worked properly.
    I use only Opera and don't want to leave my login name for all to see here.
    I think that I may also just forget this feature.

  • Opera for PC (developer stream) introduced mechanism called "de-duplication" which should mitigate the problem with duplicates and it seems to work for some users ( I encourage you to try it out and share your experience.

    In the meantime we've found one major issue in Opera for Android which creates duplicates so hopefully after releasing patch for it situation should be much better.

    We haven't done yet with looking for other scenarios causing this annoying behaviour.

  • Just to say that I have the same problem with Opera sync.

    Thanks for posting the developer stream version mlowickiatwork!
    I tried it out, but unfortunately the issue still remains for me; Opera has created 5-6 copies of each bookmark by now.