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Some bad decisions in developement of Opera

  • Hello,

    I hope someone of the Opera Team reads this. I have been using Opera again since Version 27 and felt that it is continuously getting worse. I mean not all functions, some new stuff may be good, like the improved setting of bookmarks that is now organized a bit better in folders. But there have obviously been some poor choices when it comes to some functions.

    For example the first thing that I noticed that I didn't like is the full implementation of the experimental startpage. At first you could still change it back in the flags-options, but from some version on it wasnt possible anymore. I don't know who came up with this crappy design, the old one was much nicer. Especially when you wanna have a nice background design on the new-tab-page and some links and folders added. In the old design the search bar was still a bit transparent. now it's only a bulky white and only obscures my design-background.
    Furthermore the folders themselves are similar. There used to be some transparency now there isn't. And the folders themselves can't really be distinguished from the other bookmarks anymore. Where there used to be a more obvious folder design, there is now only a white tile. You have to look twice what is a folder and what is not now. Also design-wise the folders looked much lovelier than the white tiles that we have now.

    Then also once you could renew the preview of our bookmarks (at least on the startpage/new-tab-page) by right-click. Now why would you remove that very tiny but so useful option? I mean why should I want my page-previews of my bookmarks look like several months ago, when i placed the bookmark? I mean it was really handy to just click the renew button every once in a while. But now I can't do that anymore.

    One other thing I am sad about is, that the "share bookmarks"-function was removed. It was such a nice and convenient feature.

    Also at some point after another update some of my bookmarks previews where replaced by standard-icons. Whereas I don't mind having the function of adding my bookmarks with standard-icons, it would be nice to let me decide if I want to use that.

    All considered, I have the feeling there are more features removed than new and useful ones added. If I were sarcastic I would say, just stop making new versions cause they just make it worse. I mean I still do have hope, and I really like the start-page and the bookmarks function in Opera, which make this browser kinda unique. But please stop making it worse and worse.

    One concerned Opera-User