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[Solved]My keyboard doesn't work in opera

  • Hey! I had 0 problems, until today. But today I couldn't enter Facebook, or use Google, or anything for that matter. The cursor is blinkning but when I type it doesn't show letters. Till today Opera was my favorite, and I never had any complaints. For this message I used Chrome. Can anybody tell me if this can be fixed and how? Thanks.

    1. Your browser version?
    2. On any site or just certain ones? If latter - which?
    3. It doesn't show letters or there are no letters input?
  • 1 It's the latest one.
    2 It's all the sites, all letters. When I type nothing shows.
    3 It doesn't show them. And since letters don't come out on the screen I can't do my searches.

    Virus? Wouldn't it work on other browsers also?

  • 3 It doesn't show them. And since letters don't come out on the screen I can't do my searches.

    Would you try making sure?
    These are two different issues - characters are there but not visible OR you can't actually input them altogether.

  • For example if I open the speed dial and try to type something in Google field the cursor doesn't move, it still says search the web... I think it's the second.

  • Two questions: first, what OS are you using? Second, have you tried using Notepad to type something and copy/pasting that into the address bar or search box? If so, does it "take" or does it ignore it?

  • The OS is Windows 7 Professional. I don't know how or when but it just worked again. Never had that problem in any other program. Anyway, thanks.

  • Glad to hear it!

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